i lego ny + adore my blogging buddies.

thank you everyone for the kind notes and emails yesterday {man, what a tough day.}  you certainly do know how to lift my spirits and i really adore each of you.

my husband sent this article to me yesterday from the new york times and it certainly made me laugh out loud. for those of you in nyc or who are familiar with it, you might get a kick out of this too:

see more darling lego photos here.
which one is your favorite? {husband’s is the three empty subway seats. mine is of that hideous verizon building pictured in the linked article.}
  1. emily

    Sooooo creative. Love them! (and I’m rather partial to the Empire Building on St. Patty’s day)

  2. lauren

    so glad you’re having a better day! i got a kick out of the cabs. and the empire state building on st. patrick’s day. love it!

  3. Cute :) I like the fresh ground pepper…it made me laugh out loud!

  4. Rock It

    ha ha i love the taxis!

  5. Carolyn

    Oh man, I love the cream cheese with scallions and the bubblegum/worse foot one. too cute!!

    Glad today is better for you!!

  6. Jill

    my favorite is the metro card.

  7. ~S~

    So classic New York! Who knew legos could capture it all? My favorite is the cream cheese with scallions. So random!

    My blog partner and I adore your site! Please come visit ours one day!


  8. Your blog slash YOU make me so happy with your little posts, so I was sad to hear you had a rough day. I’m so glad to hear you’re feelin’ better. :)

    Oh, and the Empire State Building on St. Patty’s Day is too cute!

  9. jenna

    Fresh Ground Pepper?
    Stepped in Bubblegum… Worse

    Those were the ones that made me laugh the most!

  10. o i know. i don’t even live in ny but loved this creative take on legos so much i posted about them too!

  11. Jezzica

    just wanted to chip in and say i absolutely adore your blogs, they’re beautiful.
    i like the taxis best!

  12. Anonymous

    i like the sunset. i love your blog.

  13. O My Giddy Gosh, i love them!! theyre soo cute! … i want my childhood lego now :)


  14. way to go josh for finding this.

    haha naomi this is great.

    of the course the best one is “pickle” and “sorry we just started a new keg” is a close second.


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  16. my favs are the fresh pepper and “stepped in gum…worse” haha! this is cute, I may use it in my blog, thanks for pointing it out!

  17. Haha, I have always thought that verizon building is SO UGLY! I’ve run over the Brooklyn Bridge thinking “what is that monstrosity” as it dawns in the horizon. What a strike against such a stunning part of NYC.

  18. Anonymous

    you are very cute my dear.

  19. Anonymous

    husband is on sussy!

  20. ohio12

    MY husband and I like the wasabi the best. but we are crazy for sushi. thanks for sharing. i am going to do a post soon about how my little daughters have leggos and my husband and i play with them after they go to bed.

  21. Amy!

    Just came across your blog.. You are DARLING! That’s all :)