happy birthday to my little brother isaac!

i don’t know if it’s because he’s grown up in a house with 4 older sisters + mom (that’s a lot of hormones) or if he was just born this way, but you’ll never meet a more loving and kind, caring and considerate eleven year old. he is quite the gentleman, always comforting his sisters and making sure we’re happy. 
true story: 
this summer we ran into a mouse situation in our nyc apartment. 
{don’t you love those?}
i called isaac to tell him about it 
{because don’t little boys love things like that, or something?} 
and shared my frightful tale of seeing a mouse while i was home by myself and running ideas by him of how to get rid of it {he’s a little genius too}. 
once we ended our phone conversation,  isaac called josh to express his concern about the situation and make sure my husband was doing everything he could to ensure my safety! 
i died when i heard! so cute. 
{he even told josh, “i know you’re allergic to cats, josh… but maybe you should look into renting a cat for just a week or so to catch the mouse because naomi seemed pretty worked up about it and i just want to make sure she is safe out there.”} 
with that said, happy birthday to the best brother 
i could ever ask for!
we love you very much isaac!!
{here is isaac with me last january 
at the top of the empire state building.}
p.s. watch this to see how adorable isaac really is.
  1. Em & Gar

    that is too cute. i love the mouse story. he looks so much like you it’s crazy!

  2. I am LoW

    After he’s grown up and served his mission and my 10 year old daughter has grown up and done her thing, can we set him up with my little Naomi? :-)

  3. Wow. You have one amazing little brother! ;)

  4. jenna

    That. Is. Precious.

    What an adorable little brother!!

  5. Micaela

    ADORABLE!!!! :) i love the whole renting a cat thing… just for a week! ADORABLE!!!!

  6. so cute. happy birthday isaac!

  7. Holly

    that story is precious!! happy bday isaac :)

  8. love him. anyone who can rock a hat like that has my full respect. happy bday little brother!

  9. Meghan

    That story just made my day!!!

  10. Liv

    brothers are pretty great! i’m glad you have such a godd one :) happy birthday to him!

  11. Charlotte A.

    AWWWW!!! This story is just as cute as he is!! HAPPY Birthday to him!!

  12. Oh my Gosh, can he be my brother too! (I have a wonderful one but this guy is so darn cute!) Great little story!

  13. this kid knows his stuff man.

    happy birthday dude!

  14. Lidia

    this is the cutest story ever!! he’s really cute! =) i love ur blog btw! – Lidia

  15. Oh my gosh that is so cute! What a fun story. I love little brothers!

  16. Anonymous

    naomi- i absolutely adore you and your little brother couldn’t look more like you! so cute!

  17. a) i love his hat!
    b) i love his freckles!
    c) that story made my day… so sweet.

  18. what a wonderful sweet brother :)
    and such a gentleman!

  19. Rock It

    ok so i officially think your brother is awesome….he will make an great husband one day.


  20. I’ve been lurking for awhile, but I had to comment. How adorable and how lucky you and your sisters are to have such a cute gentleman around. Sounds like he knows how treat a woman already and he’s young! What a great story!

  21. Krysta


  22. emily

    How sweet! I’m partial to the name Isaac, it’s my first born’s name too! What a cutie.

  23. becca

    I also adore the name Isaac! And that is a cute story. Haha. I wish I had brothers.

  24. Carolyn

    What a sweet boy!! Happy Birthday to him!

  25. Brittany

    Happy birthday cute Isaac!

  26. you two are so cute with your freckles!!! seriously adorable!

  27. Bahahahaha that's adorable!
    Man, my little brother would be the one who put the mouse there in the first place.