1. spontaneous dance parties are the best!!!!

  2. Katie

    My husband and I have dance parties every night when he gets home from work. It’s my favorite time of the day.

  3. erin

    why yes! i grew up having them with my sisters, now i have them with my love. definitely the best part of the day!

  4. Anonymous

    ooo i love your skirt!

  5. Steph

    I love piouettes on tile floor – as long as I don’t fall down!

  6. Sarah

    of course you love pirouettes on a tile floor. you always were such a natural turner.

  7. So… we have the same blender. And I love the fridge art you have going on, Naomi. It’s like a mini Rockstar Diaries blog going on over there. You’re cool off the internet too! Ugggh!

  8. Meikel

    I love these pics! And your time out feature is so great!

  9. Jenna

    The only time husband and I dance is in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s sweet and sometimes it’s naughty. I like both kinds.

  10. I try… only three… ; )

  11. I’d say dance parties anywhere are a pretty good!

  12. Cheryl

    I love your kitchen! It’s quite nice for New York, yes? My friends who were living there didn’t have appliances like that in the kitchen…

    And we are big dance party fanatics as well. The kitchen seems to be the best place to dance while we wait for our food to cook.

  13. Anonymous

    Your sweet little posts always brighten my day! Thank you.

  14. Jane

    ha ha this is so cute. (i found your blog through nicole hill and rubi’s blogs and am hooked!)

  15. Meg

    okayyyy…i NEED to see you. NOW! im free Wednesday before noon, after 6. free thursday till 4 and free friday till 5. think I could get you AND carolyn up for anything–cuz i wanna dance party with the two of ya. oh and ps: i have to tell you about my latest blogging experience and Juilliard.

  16. Meg

    that post removed by the author was me–i tried to publish my comment twice. woops.

  17. kitchen floors ARE the best for dancing on. especially when you’re wearing stockings.

    fun pictures. :)

  18. what the…
    you’re creative and cute and i like you.

    the end.
    m. estelle

  19. sheila

    oh yeah! We had some mean dance parties growing up with the family in the kitchen. My sister and I choreographed a dance that we can still do today-10 years later.

  20. Scott and I have dance parties ALL the time!…. seriously. ;)

  21. I usually just eat and call it a day…

  22. Anonymous

    i do all the time! i am an ex-professional ballet dancer and the kitchen is the best best place for pirouetts! i feel like a superstar all over again!!! (ps first time commenting on your blog and just love love love it! i just got married in oct and am a young bride too and think you rock!) x toria

  23. Anonymous

    you are so cute.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I danced for 15 years and turned in my kitchen nearly every year of those 15!

  26. M

    yeah! all the time!!

  27. Raesha D

    I LOVE to dance in my kitchen – my counter makes the perfect barre and I love to practice my arabesque while checking myself out in the sliding glass door. The dogs must think I’m absolutely crazy:)

  28. Meagan

    always. so fun. i love this.

  29. Anonymous

    This is AMAZING! I love your style too.

  30. weee! i have the same skirt, ahhh but it looks so much cuter on you – maybe i need to implement a dancing routine with skirt wearing.

  31. OOoo yes I love dancing in the kitchen!! But I think you look way prettier doing it than I do!!! Hehe! :)

  32. jen

    one of my favorite things to do. ever.

  33. not often, but yours make me wish I did! Mine happen in the living room where it’s carpeted in case I fall. Not as elegant as you. lol

  34. yay!

    next time i get to video you….

  35. Brett

    YES. you can do the most pirouettes on a kitchen floor. It is so true. I love it.

  36. Belle

    These photos are wonderful!!
    Fabulous post.
    I adore dancing in the kitchen and I agree, the kitchen floor was made for pirouettes.

    Personally, I enjoy listening to my ipod and dancing around while i clean the dishes, makes the chore so much more exciting and memorable.

  37. Melanie

    i too love to twirl on the kitchen tiles. i think i can do 4 pirouettes. sadly our kitchen is tiny now, no space to twirl! i love your blog.x

  38. Too cute! Adorably girl-ish. I used to own a tea shop and in the wee hours of the morning while my kiddos were eating breakfast and I was baking, I would dance around the island in the cafe’s kitchen, so that they could see me through the doorway into the cafe. They thought I was crazy but they still ask me why I don’t do that anymore. Maybe I need to bring on the child like dancing demon in me.
    :) Dee

  39. becca

    I LOVE the dark blue kitchen! And the yellow hallway. I also love your skirt.

  40. becca

    Hey I was also wondering if you could make a Guide to New York City? My friends and me are coming in May and I want to hit up all your favorite places!! Thanks!

  41. Carolyn

    that is the perfect skirt to do twirls in!! Love it.

  42. Sarah

    Dance parties are the best. My husband and I have them all the time.

  43. Flora

    of course! we even promised to keep dancing in the kitchen in our wedding vows! Keep on twirling.

  44. I have dance parties in every room of my house ..lol ..you are adorable!

  45. Anonymous

    where is your skirt froom?

  46. Anonymous

    *from. sorry.

  47. haha, i have to agree with you on this one. want to have even more fun? put a piece of paper on carpet, stick your foot in the middle of it and start spinnin’. you can do like a million. seriously. we used to do it in gymnastics. haha!

    p.s. love all your wall colors! i vote you post more pics of your cute apartment.

    p.p.s. holy crap congratulations on all your etsy success! your headbands are amazing!

  48. thanks! the skirt is from anthro.

  49. Annie

    of course! who doesn’t? It’s like eating raw pasta – everyone does it! it can be tricky though when you are trying to fry something on fire like the poeple at pizza express…

  50. p.s.: not only do we share a first name, but i think we actually also do have the same stove! hihihihi…. ;)

  51. fefi

    wheeeeee! kitchen dance parties are the best.

  52. I am new to your blog- and must say- LOVE IT! But I mostly love this post…..I have been doing pirouettes in the kitchen since I learned how to pirouette (probably around age 4 or 5). I think you should post something about your Juilliard background/dance background. I’m eager to see more!