crush party 2009.

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last night we went to catherine’s annual crush party 
to kick off the upcoming week of love.
catherine makes the best chocolate fondue that seriously is better 
from cafe mozart. 
not kidding. 
i probably shouldn’t ask for the recipe. 
 thanks again catherine!
photos by gordon ho.
{p.s. we love orange crush soda.}
  1. this is just about the cutest idea for a party, it looks like so much fun! and though you don’t want to know the recipe, some of us desperately NEED it. can you tell i have a horrible sweet tooth? :)

  2. sheila

    i like orange crush soda, but I like the strawberry the best.

    but just drinking any kind of soda out of the bottle itself is satisfying enough.

  3. awesome party idea. perfect way to kick start the v day week! i’m drooling over the cheese…

  4. I want to steal this idea. It’s clever. You guys look great. You look like rock stars.


  5. Such a cute party idea!

  6. Carolyn

    What a cute idea!!

  7. Lisa

    Hey Girl! Look like a fun party! Check your e-mail and you should have a little something from me. :)

  8. You probably have the most amazing blog ever.

    And you guys are adorable. Thanks for entertaining me.

  9. I got your blog from my daughter… and Can I just say…. frankly you two are just about the cutest things I have ever seen..
    I hope you don’t mind that you have an oldie reading your posts.

  10. Michelle

    haha love the Crush soda!

  11. Anonymous

    I just received your Chanel head band today and I love it. I am wearing it right now while typing this and I feel cool. Thank you so much (for the tea too. It smells so pretty)!!!!!!

  12. Sumaya

    I totally remember a picture like this in our old apartment from third year? maybe? Anyways, i love it!

  13. Sarah

    i love this idea. where is that cute shirt or jacket from?

  14. Brittany

    I love Crush soda too!!

  15. What a great idea. I always get the urge to throw a party around this time of year when it’s cold and dreary and the holidays are a thing of the past. Now I have a good idea for next year!

  16. um heck yes Crush soda rocks.

  17. Cheryl

    Yes we love Crush Soda over here too. Nice photos.

  18. Rock It

    i officially want to throw a crush party and now have a craving for crush soda and cupcake…and chocolate fondue.

    you have awesome friends.

  19. THIS is adorable. You guys are an aDORable couple!! :)

  20. Sooo cool!! long story short: left church for 17 yrs; came back; sealed in SD temple 6/7/8; son 16, daughter 9. I love finding/showing my son perfect examples of young, successful, absolutely adorable “Mormon Love”! THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME EXAMPLES!!

    Anjanette from California

  21. Anonymous

    Hi Naomi, I absolutely adore your blog, and I really love your personal style! Maybe you’ve answered this before elsewhere, but what brand/color of red lipstick do you use? It always looks so perfect…thanks! Bethany