a kiss will make it better…

…and flowers always help too.
as well as doing the laundry and deep cleaning the apartment
with your wife all weekend long.
thank you husband.
i love you.

  1. Carin

    they are beautiful~

  2. Em & Gar

    oooh i love those! i adore tulips! very sweet!
    there really is nothing like a little cleaning help huh?

    also, I am very sad to hear no such photos exist. I had hope. :) i guess we’ll just have to take extra care to document the rare occasions we have together now.

    but you know…i swear there has got to be a preschool photo somewhere! I will keep my eyes out!

  3. Cheryl

    Those flowers are beautiful! Can’t wait for spring!

    And husbands who do laundry score big brownie points!

  4. Rock It

    deep cleaning and flowers are the best!

  5. Ha ha consider yourself lucky. Atleast you don’t have to spell Davis every time you talk to…pretty much anyone.
    My husband walked into our room the other day and saw me looking at your page and said “Why are you always looking at that blog?” My response: “Because she always has the cutest stuff posted.”

  6. so sweet as always!

  7. Rie

    so pretty!
    what kind of holga film do you use?

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