a homemade valentine and little self challenge.

this morning, before the sun was up i made homemade valentines and gave the apartment a little heart attack. (inspiration for heart garlands found here.)

i also wrote out a list of things i can do to be less stressed over the next few weeks since i’m a little wreck about everything going on.
for 30 days beginning today (and hopefully i’ll continue after), i am going to be sure i never miss a day of doing these things:

  1. kneel and pray.
  2. vitamins.
  3. at least a half hour of scriptures by myself {isn’t it sad that i’ve gotten into the habit of just a verse or two here and there for my personal study? so lame.}
  4. no nutella. 
i’m posting this here because i feel like i’m more prone to doing this if someone has to check in with me or i have to report after 30 days about my progress. so wish me luck.
p.s. the shop is updated too. 
happy valentines day and three day weekend!
  1. C

    I love your valentine’s cards! and i really don’t understand the allure of nutella. it’s so bland!

  2. Yeah girl, you best be taking those vitamins. Has it gotten worse? Are they still making you take those iron things that look like horse pills? They are sick.

    I’m going to do this thirty day thing with you. I need a buddy to remind to me read my scriptures too.

    And the hearts! I love them. You should put up thw old photos of the heart attach Josh made for you a few years ago in your old apartment! Those photos rock!

  3. That’s a great list of to-dos. Hopefully after the 30 days those things will just be habit for you and you won’t even think twice about doing them!

    I’ve got a list for myself, too, so you aren’t alone!

  4. i just laughed out loud in the library when i read “no nutella”. come on….sometimes nutella is exactly what you need after a stressful day. but good luck with your progress!

  5. Anonymous

    that list is great and your bedroom is adorable! i love the color and hearts!

  6. Brittany

    I love the list!

  7. your apartment looks lovely and those cards are very cute! i made my own over on my blog today as well :)

  8. Jenna

    We've just decided to work for 30 minutes of reading total. So we read a chapter in the D&C; together and if it takes 30 minutes then we are done, and if not the rest is devoted to personal.

    Have you ever thought about how much praying there is to do when you have kids? The other day we realized we would pray for dinner, pray as a family, pray as a couple, then pray individually. That is a lot.

  9. such cute heart garland!!!

    happy valentines weekend!!

  10. Julie

    Those are all wonderful goals-sure to make any day better. By the by my lovely sister bought me two of your headbands and I love them! Happy Valentines Day!

  11. Micaela

    you are darling.
    I looove that you said, “kneel down and pray.” Not just pray.

    your apt is so cute with the garland. I think you should leave it up year round :)

  12. your list is a good thing. i may adopt your idea as i need to do more of these things too.

  13. Corissa

    You are so cute! I found your blog through A Little Sussy and love your posts. I think your apartment looks great! Good luck with the 30 days.

  14. Martha

    Great job on the hearts! I totally feel you on #3…
    Good Luck! You can do it :)

  15. Anonymous

    you are inspiring. mind if i join in on the 30 day self-challenge?


  16. Happy v-day!

    Great list, I never take vitamins either.

  17. c&p

    you guys are refreshing :)

  18. Shug

    pretty sure 3 of the 4 should be doctrine. No Nutella?!! come on!! :)

    Happy Valentines (almost) to you both!

  19. instead of nutella you should make your own real hot chocolate . . .you deserve it with all your new rules! x

  20. e.

    your paper hearts are lovely. i make paper garlands anytime i have the chance. i hang mine with paperclips and hemp twine. mine are a surprise, so i’ll post photos in bit!

  21. Your apartment looks amazing with these hearts,Naomi!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you guys!

    …and…I’m also kind of stressy girl these days…and you know what?! I made a great cheese cake for valentine’s day! Mmmm! and it really helped…{pictures are now in my blog}

    and… GOOD LUCK GIRL!

  22. I think 30 days of praying, scripture study, vitamins, AND nutella sounds like a better month to me but good luck!

  23. Meghan

    Your apartment is super adorable – I love the hearts! Good luck with the 30 day de-stresser!

  24. Thais

    I get the other stuf… but why no nutella??

    Oh and it might also help to go to the temple. :D I love the temple.

  25. emily

    I absolutely adore your homemade valentines ♥

    And I think that’s a good list, only on mine, I’d replace ‘no nutella’ with ‘no hot cocoa’. Such is life :-/

  26. sheila

    those are great goals. Good luck.

    I got my headband from you in the mail today.

    It made me smile.

    I’m excited to wear it.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.

  27. You are seriously always so cute! I love that you made homemade Valentines!

  28. Anna

    I like that idea. Putting your goals out there kind of makes them more concrete. I too am trying to lay off on excessive sugar. It’s sad really, it’s got to the point where I grab a handful of toll house morsels. Addictions come in many forms….yeeeesh.

    You are an inspiration and I appreciate your convictions. Love you!

  29. What a gorgeous apartment! I love the hearts.

    Good luck with your list, I think I might need to write one too.