2 things.

1. i finally mastered my new years resolution of learning to use chopsticks the other night. something finally clicked and suddenly it was so easy. it was magical.
2. liana over at mixed plate asked to do a feature interview with me. if you would like to read it, click here.  she also has a lovely blog so be sure to stop by.
  1. Anonymous

    you are so popular. i think you’ve been featured and linked everywhere. i love chopsticks too.

  2. Lizzi

    I love your interview!

  3. i’m impressed you mastered the art of chopsticks so quickly! i used the ‘stab and eat’ method for years!

  4. Micaela

    such a FABULOUS interview!!! :) you really do seem as sweet as you look.

    cheers on the chopsticks!!!! i have to have them make me the child’s version- you know with the rubberband and wad of paper- when i go enjoy sushi :)

  5. Carolyn

    Bravo on the chopsticks!

  6. Hello! Love your blog! Came by through mixed plate. You make kick ass head dressings!
    Now that you have mastered chopsticks, you must master eating a salad with your chopsticks.

  7. What a lovely interview! And congrats on learning how to use chopsticks! I used to be in a traveling theatre group, and one of our members was Korean…he taught me how to use chopsticks, but I’ve since lost my chopstick using edge.

  8. That is awesome!
    There’s an award for you on my blog… come check it out!

  9. Nikki

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  10. I wish I had patients to learn how to use chopsticks. Oh and nice write up….again.

  11. Meghan

    Congrats! I once dropped a California roll on the ground in the middle of a crowded restaurant during my first chopstick experience. Love the interview, too! :)

  12. Thao

    Good work on the chopsticks! I’ve grown up around them my whole life and I still can’t hold them properly. At Asian restaurants, I ask for a fork, while my Caucasian boyfriend skillfully uses his chopsticks. Makes me jealous.

  13. Liv

    the last time i used chopsticks my hand was sore for days afterward. it’s tricky!

    congrats on the article!

  14. Anonymous

    What does Taza mean!! I’m spanish and I know that it’s some form of tea cup but I mean, what is the significance? How did you get that nickname? Do people actually call you that? Just curious! :)

  15. Anonymous

    First order of business, you and your husband are darling! I found your blog through little sussy. Second order, I’m planning on taking my very first trip to the city and wanted to know what you would recommend me doing.

  16. Liana

    Thanks for your rockstar feature interview, Naomi! You are the best.

    Oh, and yeah, chopsticks!!!

  17. monica

    can you please explain where your other arm is?

  18. Hey Naomi! I have recently become addicted to you… you and a whole host of other (mormon-networked) women have gotten me hooked into the blogging world – I’m a baby steps blogger (grew up journaling…) and might seriously take up some html and start this when I begun the next chapter of my life.

    Just wanted to say you and husband are absolutely cute for each other and you remind me so so much of Julia Stiles from Save the Last Dance whenever you smile… as an aside, hurrah for men (like your husband and my boyfriend)who love women with curves, muscles, and a little meat mmmm!!

    sorry for this book off a comment!

  19. Em & Gar

    I can’t help myself from saying, in regard to the previous post, you are one lovely lady and although I definitely appreciate a man who “loves a little meat” (my husband and my “meaty” self) I really don’t think you have any meat to speak of Nay. (incase this is coming off wierd, this is a compliment!) You look so tiny and fit in all your pictures. I’m jealous!

    hopefully someday I will be able to come visit you soon. but, after all your famous-ness I must admit I’m pretty intimidated!