why don’t you sit right down and stay a while?

thank you to everyone for such a positive response to my etsy shop! you have made me so excited and your encouragement and kind words mean a lot to me. {the shop is almost ready!}
have you seen the movie lars and the real girl? husband and i watched it the other night. i’d forgotten how much i love that movie. i especially enjoy kelli garners quirky and awkward take on her character margo in the film. i just love the way she rolls up onto her tip toes to say “hello lars” in the beginning… it is simply darling. 
i filmed carolyn dancing in the street in soho yesterday for a little project we are doing. wait until you see the footage. she looks just beautiful.
and it is my handsome husband’s birthday tomorrow. i love him.  last saturday as we were riding the subway together, i watched him help out a homeless man who was singing for money on the train by singing a blues duet with him. it was beautiful and i fell in love with him a little bit more {if that is even possible.}

and i am dying for summer to begin. our apartment is freezing and i have a cold. i cannot wait for a trip to the beach or a picnic in the park or a nap on a hammock with my love. mmm.

  1. So excited for your Etsy shop!
    I saw Lars and the real girl a while back…such a cute and random movie!!!

  2. Jenna

    Your life just makes me so happy. I love reading what you write.

  3. Claudia

    That picture is adorable!

  4. jenna

    Oh how I am absolutely aching for warm weather and trips to the park and sunshine and hammocks… sigh…

    You got me daydreaming this morning… :)

  5. KmS

    You don’t know me, but I just started reading your blog and since I don’t believe in Blurking I thought I should comment.

    I just have to say that I LOVE lars and the real girl! Ryan Gosling is one of my favorite actors. If you are a fan of his and you haven’t already seen his movie The United States Of Leland you should check it out. It’s great.

    Your blog is so fun to read. Keep up the great posts. :)

    Nice to {kind of} meet you.

  6. I am wanting summer so much too!! I’m sick of being freezing cold all day everyday.

    Your headbands are adorable, of course!!

  7. I cannot wait for that dancing footage. She is excellent!

  8. q

    Oh, this post is totally adorable.
    The image of you falling again for your husband making a duet with a homless in the subway is… like a good movie scene…
    I like your blog a lot.
    You both, guys, are terrific. And help me believe in realk life beautiful love stories.

  9. Melinda

    Found you through a little Sussy. Love your blog! Keep the cute pictures and fun posts coming!

  10. Micaela

    happy early celebration! :) and yes, can't wait for the etsy purchasing to begin!!!

    btw, i lalaloved "lars & the real girl." Ryan G. was AH-MAZING. You felt akward for him he acted so well. And how the whole community got together for him… lovely lovely movie!

  11. you and your josh (i say this because i have my own josh) are perfection. it makes me smile… seeing two crazy foodies making the most of manhattan (the perfect date city) and the photos you share are as buttery and rich as the grub ingested.

    like everyone else, i’m looking forward to scooping up a rockstar headband. will wear it when i gobble down my big macs :)

  12. Sarah

    i’m so ready for summer too! i don’t want to get out of bed in the morning for fear of finding my car buried in snow again. missing the grass and the leaves.

  13. Emily

    you husband sounds truly amazing. and might i ask…how do you have SO many wonderful pictures of you two together? my boyfriend and i have only a few of us (that he’s had to take from arm’s length) and i have a triple chin in all of them thanks to the angles. any advice would be much appreciated. xoxo

  14. Cheryl

    That photo is amazing. I haven’t seen Lars and the Real Girl…I need to. I’ve heard many good things so I guess I better!

  15. Lars and the Real Girl is awkwardly amazing. I loved it. And I think that watching my love sing a blue’s duet on the subway would make me swoon as well. How lovely you two are!!

  16. Anonymous

    happy early birthday to your sweet husband. you are my favorite couple and i love youe blog!

  17. have a magical wee time on your boy’s birthday dollface xxxx

  18. I can relate to the freezing cold apartment! I’m SO over winter.

    And happy birthday to Josh from his home teacher. Jacob would wish it himself but his head is in a medical textbook somewhere.

  19. Erin

    Oh Naomi that picture awesome! I can’t wait for summer either, and I think Kelly Garner is a wonderful actress too!

  20. Anonymous

    I have heard about this blog of yours from multiple sources and while I’m not big on blogs I decided I better check it out. And, I’ve spent the last hour here. YOU are the cutest thing ever and I love your headbands!


  21. Liv

    happy bday to the husband!! i hope you guys have a fantastic time celebrating and making more great memories.

    as always, thanks for sharing your life :)

  22. lauh-ren
  23. Anonymous

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  24. jess

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  25. jess

    Dear rude anonymous reader- a few things I would like to say:
    1. If you are annoyed by the blog- don’t read it.
    2. If you don’t have anything good to say- don’t leave a comment.
    3. One can only hope to be so in love with their husband- I am and I tell anyone and everyone who will listen- I hope everyone can feel this way.. even you who are so callous and bitter!!
    p.s. I don’t even know Naomi- just enjoy the blog and thought I would defend it!!

  26. i can not wait for the shop to open.

    (come to az, its always summer here.)

  27. wow that anonymous comment made me sick…i can’t believe some people. youre amazing naomi. maybe so amazing that that person can’t handle it!

    loving husbands this much is the best thing in the world. and so is eating out. and taking a bazillion pictures about everyday stuff because it makes it that much better.

    heart you!

  28. Anonymous

    I think someone is a tad jealous of cute Naomi!

    If you don’t like it…get out!

    Thanks! :)


  29. That was a bad anonymous comment. Someone is jealous of all that you have and your capacity to love. I love you and I miss you lots, girl!

  30. Anonymous

    your blog is perfection… don’t dare change a thing. we appreciate you and your ability to bring us a bit of happiness on a daily basis. thank you!

  31. Ashleigh

    I have been reading your blog religiously for a few weeks now, and I think you are so adorable! Your blog makes me happy, and it makes me want to enjoy every minute of life!

    Your adventures in New York are very entertaining and fun to read. I already have a list of places to go eat when I go to New York some day!

  32. Anonymous

    I love that movie too! Ryan Gosling is so great.

    The photo of you and the hubby is beautiful. You have inspired me to continue on my journey of finding the love of my life (it’s really hard out there sometimes).

    Thanks for blogging!

  33. ok, first of all, that is an adorable picture. and second, i loved lars and the real girl. i think i should buy it. thanks for reminding me. :]

  34. oh, and dear i-like-to-hide-behind-anonymity, get over yourself.

  35. your blog = happy.

    and i'm so thrilled for your etsy shop! oh yes! and thank you!

    that black & white photo with the sunlight & the love made visible is perfection.

  36. this is a nice, sunny blog to cheer up a cold winter.
    love the last photo…just added you to my blog list!

  37. alissa

    this picture is adorable. and i cant wait till you add more items to your etsy shop. i wanted to ‘follow’ your blog but theres no button to do so. i think maybe youve reached your maximum amount of followers?

  38. I just watched Lars and the real girl… it was beautiful. and yes; I cried when Bianca died …
    then I thought of you and came here to say that. just it.


  39. I used this picture on one of my latest blogs “future husband part 1” I hope you don’t mind.