1. Anonymous

    oh my goodness, how do you guys afford to eat out so much?! especially in ny??

    i mean, im not hating or anything. it's great…amazing even. wish i could afford to live that (totally jealous) but the hub & i are about the same age as you guys & we have to keep our fancy dinner dates to twice a week.

    you are a lucky girl, naomi. do you ever have to cook?

  2. I love the anonymous comment. I especially love when she doesn’t dare sign her name. I guess she is nervous…you know, calling Naomi out like that about never cooking. And she obviously doesn’t know you (or your love for homemade dishes which include snow peas…or salmon!)

    And Naomi, I am very excited about this project you emailed me about! I just left you a message. You’re gonna be famous!!! Lets go out for pie and celebrate!

  3. Anonymous

    my comment wasn’t meant to be rude in anyway. i was saying that i am JEALOUS that they get to eat out so much! how lucky!

    and the comment about her cooking was a question, not an accusation.

    i don’t have a gmail account or blog or i would link myself. my name is jessica.

  4. soooo well said janalyn . . .given that it would seem a bit boring to photograph every homemade meal (unless it’s a teaparty) us girls are only ever gonna post about lovely little luxurious meals out with our friends and beau. so, this might seem like we are ALWAYS eating out but we’re not!

    some people are so nasty, thank goodness there are lots of lovely people to make up for that

    kerri xx

  5. Sarah

    hahaha. these comments are funny. you and josh eat out because your rockstars/! and stay in, uh hello! tea party post! the pie looks yummy! so do the cookies! I am so hungry girl.

  6. ohio12


    Oh dear! This has nothing to do with the little spat going on in the comments, but if you like key lime pie, I make a really good one and it is so easy and my guests are always very impressed. Just buy Nellie and Joe’s Famous Lime Juice and follow the recipe on the back. Sometimes I double it and put it in one prepared graham cracker crust.

  7. I still want your Arabic McDonald’s shirts…

  8. Cheryl

    But if you don’t go eat out and live your fabulous life, who will I live vicariously through???

  9. i adore you & your blog.

    the teaparty posts added enchantment to my days! the future rockstar little girls will adore teaparties with you! :)

  10. j.

    that key lime pie looks so delicious! i want some!

    the husband & i have decided to take a little trip to ny this spring. any suggestions about where to stay/play?

    i will definitely jot down all your restaurant suggestions thus far. :)

  11. Erin

    Dear Naomi,

    (This discussion about you on this comment page has made me finally introduce myself. Sad but true.)
    I absolutely LOVE you and your blog. Your creativity and style and dining out posts make me happy. And if you don’t cook, all the more to you. (But I am sure you do, because you seem able to do everything!) Please keep it coming because I have thoroughly enjoyed them so far.

    Blog friend, Erin

  12. shill

    love love love the new header, super cute naomi!!! and thank you for the mention, i’m getting crazy traffic from you :D
    cant wait for more pictures, you look simply adorable dear :)

  13. Jamie

    What is up with that anonymous? LOVE your blog.

  14. j.

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  15. Anonymous

    Hey! I'm a different anonymous person I swear! I don't live in ny AND i don't cook, haha. Just gotta say that your blog makes me so happy, just to see you guys have such a thirst for life! Amazing!
    and now i'm madly craving pie…oh man.

  16. sheila

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading all those comments.

    My turn:
    Key Lime pie is my favorite kind of pie. Well… after key lime cheesecake that is. I will make a list of all these places and one day I will visit NY and make it happen.

    You need to experience Hawaii and its food too.

    oh, and I’m jealous that your husband is so willing to take photos. Mine gets a little camera shy (unless its with a fish he caught or something to do with the ocean)

  17. katie

    i LOVE key lime pie! we’re having it at our rehearsal dinner, the reception, and our cake is going to have key lime icing (like i said… i’m obsessed)!

  18. i can’t take it. you guys are just amazing.

  19. love old photobooth photos. they are amazing.
    sorry about the link on my blog. i was adding and editing all friends and i guess yours and the one below yours got messed. fixed now!
    and thats funny youre making headbands too! we seem to do a lot of things alike…i always notice that while i read your blog…same clothes from anthro, same activites, etc….so funny!


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  21. so sorry…those deleted ones are me. my comment went up five tiimes…crazy!

  22. hello from a very rainy ireland!

    i have had my first tag(im such a blog newbie!) and have tagged you but uv probably already done it . . .the fourth photo, fourth folder thing? if not please do it if u have time!

    i would so much love to know you and all the people who leave nice comments here in real life. you all seem so cool. x

  23. Melanie

    The pie and cookies look delish! I love your blog. I love all the fun activities you do with your partner in crime and especially love your fashion.

  24. I love the coloring of your film! Is the film used, the camera, or the way in which you editing the photos (or a combination of all)? I would love to know.

    And of course like the other millions of fans you have… I adore your blog. Thanks for keeping me entertained on a daily basis.

  25. Carolyn

    It should be named Key Lime Heaven

  26. becca

    i love key lime!

  27. tee

    hi! what kind of camera do you use for these amazing pictures? is it some sort of lomography camera? p.s. i love love love your blog!