the doughnut plant.

on saturday we met up with friends in the east village 
to try out the doughnut plant which everyone keeps raving about. 
and… we loved it.
{especially the creme brulee and valrhona chocolate} 
so we will be going back. preferably once a week from here on out. 
  1. OooOo you got me in the mood! not much of a doughnut eater but i know what i’ll be doing in the morning before work. delightful!

  2. I love doughnuts… I got a free one at work last night. but I’m sure your doughnuts were a lot tastier!

  3. Anonymous

    Creme Brulee doughnut sounds fantastic!

  4. Dennise

    Oh man, I’m so jealous. I could go for a few dozen doughnuts now.

    p.s. I don’t know if you do this sorta thing but I tagged you. Check it out if you’d like. xo

  5. i have to say (as if you don’t know)– you have the most fantastic blog! i’m such a fan. i found you through ‘a little sussy’ and i’m so glad! i’m creating a mental checklist of all the lovely spots to hit next time we’re in manhattan. keep it up!!

  6. Dad

    Did you hear about the donut maker who decided to save money by making the whole bigger?

    He went out of business because it took more dough to go around the bigger hole!

    I could really use a Dunkin Donuts French Cruller right now!

  7. oh girl!!!

    you went? i’m so jealous…we need to go TOGETHER again hahaha

    and that headband is lovely!! nice job ms. arts and crafts!!!

  8. Leigh

    woah. how have i not heard of this place? i am SO there.

  9. I’ve heard sooo much about this place- sounds delicious! I’m jealous- I have celiac’s so I’ll never be able to enjoy those yummy donuts… :(

  10. Nichole

    what is your secret?!
    how do you eat all of this most excellent food, mcdonald’s included, and not weigh 500 and a half pounds!!!
    so. jealous.

  11. Erin

    That headband is so beautiful. Please sell them, I will buy two.

  12. Cheryl

    I am making a run to krispy kreme thanks to you!

  13. Heather

    just perfect!

    found your blog thru nikki and cameron kelly.

    you are too lovely for words!

    please send our love to josh…… from matt & heather smith. ( 8th ward rockstars back in the day!)

    he married an adorable lady!


  14. Natalie

    Your blog is so cute! You are so adorable too. I love your style!

  15. Carolyn

    A Creme Brulee doughnut????!!!

    Wow. Sounds AUSS!!

  16. candice

    we tried to go today after wandering around Chinatown for New Years, and they are closed on Mondays! We will have to try again now that I know how good they are!

  17. Lalala me want a donut NOW! Didn’t you try the pistachio? I WISH someone would have over nighted a pistachio to their favorite girlfriend. Yeah.

  18. Sarah

    And will you make me a headband? please?

  19. Anonymous

    dinner tonight = a blueberry cake doughnut… thanks to you. it’s was divine.

  20. Kellie H

    I can handle it as long as you don’t tell me they have peanut butter doughnuts!…