the boo boo’s.

i found this old photo of my little twin sisters today and died! i had forgotten just how adorable they were when they were babies. i cannot believe they will be 18 years old in march! they are rockstars and i am so proud of them. i love you, boo boo’s! 

  1. Micaela

    how cuteee!!! :)
    twins are darling (i’m a twin! ha)
    there is no relationship like the one twins share… second to it? being blessed with a fabulous older sis! xo

  2. Suzanne

    So super cute!
    I love having a little sister… having two would be even better!

  3. KSBL

    they are adorable!
    especially those cute hats they have on.

    I have second cousins who are twins and they are just awesome.

  4. Anonymous

    They are beautiful!

  5. Helen

    Love how they are in somewhat coordinating positions (right hand jammed into mouth, toes curled, looking in same direction with same amount of chub on cheeks)! How divine.

  6. Erin

    I also love the similar posing and the adorable hats!!

  7. Emily

    the simultaneous thumb-sucking (of the same fingers on the same hand, i might add) is almost too cute for words.

  8. Oh… these floral hats…!

  9. I love how they are both sucking their thumbs… cuties!

  10. Cheryl

    How cute!

  11. Carolyn

    Oh now THAT is a greeting card, poster or a book cover picture. Perfectly pricelss.

  12. Why is it that twins always have nicknames like this? My uncles are the Buh-buhs.I think the boo boos and the buh-buhs should meet….

  13. Jamie

    They are so beautiful! I see the post of the one twin with short pixie hair! So cute! Your family has such beautiful smiles!

  14. Raynette

    so cute!!! how do you get all your photos to look so old?

  15. raynette,

    we take a lot of our photos with the polaroid or holga, but most of the time when we have the regular digital camera, i just play with the photos in iphoto to make them look a little older (color and saturation mostly).


  16. xs

    adorable. matching bonnets and all!

  17. I love the car seats on the boat!!! genius!