taza & the prince.

taza & the prince will officially open monday morning (feb 2nd). thank you all again for your positive feedback and kind words. i have LOVED making these headbands for you and hope you’ll like them too. 

p.s. a few of you emailed or commented regarding shipping outside the US. i would be happy to ship them anywhere you’d like. there will be more detailed info on etsy. {i’ll post the link to the shop monday morning.}

  1. Emily

    what a magical photograph. i love that i have something to look forward to on monday. have a wonderful weekend. xo

  2. Okay…I think I can hold out a couple more days. I have been (patiently) waiting for your post about your etsy shop. I am so super excited. and you can bet I will buy one monday morning as soon as i can!

  3. This is so exciting for you and also for US! Thank you for sharing your great sense of style. Best wishes for a blossoming business!

  4. glasarit

    Will be checking back on Monday :)

    Have a great weekend!
    Besos from Bilbao

  5. Will these look cute on my shortesh hair I wonder???

  6. Jamie

    you are SO cute! I love the name of the shop! I can’t wait. Now I can have a peaceful weekend knowing they aren’t debuting until Monday. I kept refreshing google reader on my phone the last few days so I’d know the second you were selling!

    (and yes, I already know how lame that must sound.)

  7. Anonymous

    yay to shipment outside USA! thank you for making them!

  8. So excited for your etsy shop to open. Can’t wait until Monday!

  9. Lindsay

    Yay! Ship outside US! I am so excited!!!

  10. sheila

    ooooh, its like a Christmas countdown!..and you get to open presents of headbands. They already look amazing. can’t wait.

  11. Krysta

    I look ridiculous in headbands, but these are just so pretty that I have to get one to have even if I can’t wear it.

    Looking forward to the new shop!

  12. SOLD! i’m so excited:) judging by all your fans– you’ll probably sell out very soon!!

  13. katie

    I would LOVE one! Hope I can pull it off in the office!

  14. Cheryl

    You know I simply cannot wait! I’ve already been dreaming up occasions where I will get to wear them!

  15. Anonymous

    that picture is so beautiful.

  16. Sarah

    you have such a wonderful eye for your photos and crafts! i bet these headbands become the biggest thing in the blogging world next week! careful, everyone’s gonna start looking like you!

  17. jysika

    no. no. no. not monday morning. I’m in class all day monday… and by the time I get home and finish FHE THEY’LL ALL BE GONE1!! *sobs*

    AHHHH. I couldn’t reserve some could I???

    I need these headbands like a koala bear needs eucalyptus.

  18. Anonymous

    Will you ship to FPO/AE adresses? Its so perfect monday is my birthday! i Cant wait to treat my self to some of your headbands!!!

  19. Anonymous

    oh happy day! i cannot wait until monday!

  20. Heather

    can’t wait!! i will be there early before they are all gone.

    thanks naomi for letting us try to be cool :)


  21. these are great, naomi! good for you. hope you’re doing great.

  22. Way to go, Naomi. I really think that this should be the start of your own line of stylish things. You will do great. I hope you make a ton of money :)

  23. Alice

    I can’t wait till Monday, which is a very unusual feeling for me, I assure you! I think your shop is going to be swamped within seconds of opening – congrats on getting it setup!

  24. I’m so excited for this!! You are so great and talanted- can’t wait!!

  25. um, how do I say this delicately:? I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!

  26. Harpy

    SO glamorous! Cannot wait to buy some. Good luck!

  27. sunny

    I am totally impressed. I would love to open an etsy shop. Good luck with the small business!

    And Joanna’s video is the coolest. Would like to try something like this on round 2.

  28. Julia

    I just discovered your blog last night (via… I can’t remember) and was reading through some of the archives – LOVING the headbands!!! you wear them so well, I can’t wait to go to your Etsy shop when it opens! best of luck with the venture, I think you’ll do very well!!

  29. Raynette

    so sad. i didn’t check your blog for three days and i totally missed out on your headbands. i had no idea you made your own. every time i saw you wear them i thought they were adorable…. if only i knew. i hope you make more. i also love the name of your etsy. glad to read your spirits are up.