sushiroll and sweetiepie…

having sushi at union square’s haru with friends ended up being the perfect opportunity for me to work on one of my new years resolutions… 
learning how to use chopsticks. 
and if you haven’t tried dessert at sweetiepie in the west village yet, you should. it’s darling {and you can dine inside a bird cage!}

we love our friends
and we love new york {even the freezing cold weather part of it…}
*and thank you shill for my beautiful necklace! so sweet of you…
can’t wait to wear more of your creations later this week!
  1. Emily

    that dessert looks amazing…almost as beautiful as that headpiece you’re wearing! xo

  2. sushi and desserts, mmmmm! and you MUST learn how to use chopsticks, there’s no other way to eat sushi!

  3. KSBL

    The pic u got with the mirrors is AWESOME.

    Love your creativity!

    and the food looks yummy, too!

  4. chop sticks rock! i love eating with them. good luck on becoming proficient. ;)

  5. Shug

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  6. you guys totally rock. but you’re making me miss the west village :S

  7. Bekah:

    i am coming out of hiding. can we be friends?

    i do not love mcdonalds
    never have, never will

    i love new york and i especially love your blog and how you embrace life and have fun everyday!

  8. Maya

    i secretly have fallen in love with your friends rubi and stanton…well, now it’s no longer a secret. and, i love the new head band! love you girl!

  9. love, love, love the chandeliers! and i am so in love with yellow at the minute too xx

  10. What a great shot that mirror one is! Bravo!

  11. Can we take a shopping trip ASAP and you teach me to dress like you? Seeeeriously.

    That mirror photo is awesome.

    Did you make this headband too? Gah!

  12. double chin and completely disfigured stanton!

  13. don’t make fun of my double chin, girl!!!

  14. Anonymous

    you are so slim for all the ice cream you are eating! do you ex cerise often?

  15. Natalie*

    you did sweetiepie without me?!

    you traitor!!!!

    now i’m NEVER coming back!

  16. Cheryl

    You looks so cute with that headband! How do you make your own hair accessories so beautifully? Can you please sell? Or share the secrets?

  17. thank you! i just made the headband from something i had bought at a trimmings store.

    and natalie, i know. i’m sorry. but once you’re back i’ll go again. you know how i love my sweets!


  18. Anonymous

    who is that girl with you in these pictures? she is BEAUTIFUL! seriously… so stunning.
    can I please look like her.
    does she model? I need to find her!

  19. Anonymous

    Were these pics taken with your holga or poloroid?

  20. lizbonj

    Oh how i love your PERFECT shade of red lipstick!!!! Everytime i read your blog it’s all i think about! Can you tell me the secret??