1. Anonymous

    you should rent the movie Supersize me, then you’ll stop! I did for a year!

  2. i’ve already seen supersize me. i guess it did nothing for me.

  3. I did a double take thinking ‘did she right that in lipstick?’ And then I read the little note below.

    Ohhhh…lipstick messages are sometimes the best.

  4. You need to help ME and tell how I can eat so many Big Mac’s too and stay so skinny! I want your secret!!

  5. Love the lipstick on the cup. You little miss creative.

    And what are we going to do with you? You shouldn’t be allowed to even walk by…

  6. Emily

    i swear your nail polish should be called McDonalds Red…i swear it matches so nicely! as for Keri Russell’s cardigan, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it’s from J.Crew! good luck tracking it down! xo

  7. Charlotte A.

    Don’t feel sooo bad! I ate 2 tacos yesterday and then came home wanting a slice of pizza! This was around 9:30 p.m. I’m sure this one time won’t ruin your figure ha ha :) I love your lipstick! What is the shade and brand?

  8. Anonymous

    because taza and husband love it so much, i tried my first! and it was gooood! what do they put in that sauce? so yummy.

    and you look soooo pretty. i love your hair!

  9. You don’t have to worry about cutting back until your late 20’s. And after you have children. But in the meantime, I say enjoy! Husband and I are always nostalgic for the days we ate our way through town. :)

  10. when you find someone who can really help you tell me! I’m needing the same type of help. Today I had to hold myself to not enter the mac donald’s. And it is just 2 blocks away from my home. It’s like 5 minuts walking!

  11. Carolyn

    I just don’t know how you eat it all the time and remain so thin!

    Whenever I smell french fries it makes me smile…I totally understand the addiction.


  12. Brett

    I understand too. It makes my mouth water. I dont think you need to quit. if it makes you happy keep going hehe.

  13. I’ve been silent follower of your blog for awhile now, but I’m thinking that maybe I should stop! I was at McDonalds the other day and rather than getting the cheeseburger and water I usually get, I got the whole Big Mac meal. It was fantastic, but still! All these picture are good for their business, and bad for my health!

  14. Anonymous

    you guys are SO cute!

  15. becca

    This has to be a favorite post of mine. Your faces say everything. Mcdonalds is like a candy shop to you… embrace it!

  16. Rach

    seriously don’t give it up, mcdonalds is the best especially when everyone thinks you shouldn’t have it. things are mostly better that way.
    and you might be perfect if you don’t have at least one flaw :)

  17. hellooo.. your blog came up on my recommended sites on google reader and I’ve loved it ever since. I have never commented (hello, yes, I stalk) but this cracked me uP! Lots of people hate on mcd’s but really, let them hate. I on the other hand, chose to love. generally, i only let close friends in on this one, but I think you’ll understand. . . I am have a secret obsession with the fillet O fish. baaaaa! it’s for sure got to be the sickest thing on the menu. but its my favorite!

    the shame. =)

    oh. and nuggets are my #2.

  18. KSBL

    you can’t help it.
    {neither can i. they are too good}

    plus i just heard that they are having a promo:

    Big Mac = $2/each.

    is it true???

  19. Anonymous

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  20. Anonymous

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