crif dogs afternoon date.

husband and i tried out crif dogs saturday while in the east village. basically, it’s a hot dog place that deep fries all their hot dogs {wrapped in bacon}. they also have crazy ideas of toppings like fried eggs, avocado, BLT style or philly cheese-steak hot dogs. husband tried a fried egg on his… i wasn’t as adventurous and just had mine wrapped in bacon with pickles....

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devotchka…. we love you.

we’ve been in love with the sound of devotchka forever. but saturday night took our love to a whole new level. yes, we arrived extra early to be first in line. yes, we stood front center, leaning on the stage  looking up at the band like a bunch of crazies.  and yes, that was my husband who caught the cork  to nick urata’s wine bottle {silly husband.} go have a listen.... Read more

the doughnut plant.

on saturday we met up with friends in the east village  to try out the doughnut plant which everyone keeps raving about.  and… we loved it. {especially the creme brulee and valrhona chocolate}  so we will be going back. preferably once a week from here on out.  ... Read more

the boo boo’s.

i found this old photo of my little twin sisters today and died! i had forgotten just how adorable they were when they were babies. i cannot believe they will be 18 years old in march! they are rockstars and i am so proud of them. i love you, boo boo’s! 

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