1. Emily

    not sure if it was intentional, but i sang your title as if it were from the beatles’ song, ‘all you need is love.’ such great features!

  2. Sarah

    Oh that photo! The little features are great! You guys really are the most adorable thing out there.

  3. Micaela

    you guys ARE RockStars!!! :)
    your dress fits you. I looove it! I hope one day to be so lucky to find such a perfect find. xo

  4. Liv

    I have to remind myself to feel refreshed by your blog instead of being insanely jealous of the fun you find in life :)

    Thanks so much for sharing the little things that can make life enjoyable. I’ll be borrowing your moments for a while!!

  5. Oh my goodness- you two restored my dwindling faith in marriage. A friend of mine told me about your blog after I made a Fort for The Boy and I! What a lovely couple!

  6. wow. love the features! how cool! be honest. do you feel a little bit famous? I would! and I maybe hate you a little for having leo as your photographer. he. is. amazing. lucky girl! everything was gorgeous!

  7. Naomi! The dress is fantastic! and the flowers as well…
    Happy Love! :)

  8. Come and visit my new blog… I’ll be so happy!

  9. Leah

    What a find your dress was! That’s it, I’m redoing my wedding.

  10. your dress was lovely. (can you believe it’s been almost two years. we got married 3 days before you. i think i told you that)

    i too, loved aretha’s hat.

  11. becca

    Your dress sure was beautiful! I love the mentions! You are famous.

  12. wow you guys seriously are famous. you’ve been featured in like everything. i think its because you are both adorable and have awesome style.

  13. Jamie

    I love that photo of you guys. The coloring is great. So happy you share little bits and pieces of your lives with the rest of us. I know I am obsessed!

  14. Anonymous

    you are adorable.

  15. hmmm, I checked Urban’s website, nothing there =( maybe Ill make one in Printmaking class! but my Arabic handwriting sucks… I’ll need to find stencils… but thanks anyways!

    Big Macs in Jordan are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than America,, like a 487487 times better… and they deliver to your house!


    Your wedding pictures make me sick with their cuteness =)

  16. Yes dear of course! You are so very welcome here… although we are far far away from each other! It’s about 6000miles or something! ;)
    just keep in touch girl. this really makes me happy :)

  17. jodi

    oh my goodness gracious me…you guys are adorable.

  18. Tara

    I’m with others on this one and say that I have to really try hard not to be insanely jealous of your love and just be happy and hope that I too will find that someday. :) You two are so lucky to have each other and the love that you have. It’s beautiful, even from the outsiders point of view. :)

  19. you guys are beautiful! What great write ups and what amazing pictures for an amazing couple!! We’re gonna miss you two ;)

  20. G

    I think the Brian Andreas quote fits in perfectly with your style! Beautiful couple, beautiful picture, beautiful blog…