let’s make it known.

and what did you think of the inauguration today?
i maybe got goosebumps.
{and despite what everyone is saying, 
i thought aretha franklin’s hat with the bow was sweet!}
  1. Ariel

    i agree! the bow was totally fierce!!

  2. hello. i found your blog awhile ago and had yet to comment… just wanted to make myself known and say that i love your style!

  3. Cheryl

    I love that top photo on the Right. You are so funny!

  4. that was an awesome inauguration, I might have secretly teared a little… and Obama screwin up during his oath was the CUTEST thing ever

  5. Mindy

    Cute pictures! And I loved inauguration too…tears, goosebumps…I had it all! And I think Aretha deserves to be able to wear that hat!!!

  6. Meg

    that was the most amazing moment ever when Obama wasn’t afraid to ask for it to be repeated!! i had fun girl, and I make my pictures in your image–thanks for teaching me!

  7. you would like that hat.

    i could see you wearing a hat like that…? ha ha

    we love you!

  8. thank you for checking out my blog – i’m glad you enjoyed it :-)

    your blog is also lovely.
    utah is (indeed) beautiful – the mountains especially are stunning … nothing like i’ve ever seen.

    the inauguration was great, by the way. excellent speech.

  9. Fenke

    YES, Aretha’s bow was just fabulous!

  10. Anonymous

    i loved her hat too! and i LOVE those glasses on you.

  11. I loved her hat too! She sang not so good as she used too though, but nice anyway.
    We watched the inaugu…. all evening here. Oh yes, I live in Scandinavia and I love your blog too. You make me happy coz you have so much fun stuff going on here, and I love New York too. We are def. going back there :)So I love reading about your little outings to restaurants etc. Giving me some nice tips *lol*
    Keep it up Naomi :)

  12. Carolyn

    You DO have beautiful friends!

    I thought the bow was obnoxiously large, but the color (and the fact that it was a bow, hello) was fab. Inauguration was ok, I can’t believe they botched the swearing in! Rehearse, much!?!

  13. Emily

    i had goosebumps the whole. entire. time. as for your comment on my blog, my boyfriend is lactose intolerant and Lactaid pills have changed his life! you just pop one right before you’re going to have dairy and then you have no adverse side affects. you must encourage your husband to try them :)

  14. mare

    beautiful shirt you’ve got. the color looks great on you. hope you’re well.

  15. omg you guys are adorable! ….and even though I laughed when I first saw that massive bow on AF’s head …I did actually like it.

  16. Annie

    WHOOP FOR THE OBAMAS! The elder one reminds me of a mix between Austria from model.live and chanel iman. she’s so pretty and I LOVED the J. Crew outfits… anyways, also loved the bow but Aretha’s song hurt my ears. sure it’s
    “amazing” but it’s not pleasant to listen to.

  17. hi hi,

    i've been feeling kinda down lately and lonely so i decided to go through your blog yet again cause it always seems to inspire me and make me feel better. I gotta say i'm slightly jealous of what amazing friends you seem to have. i've been struggling in the friend department and feel like i have no one ever to do anything with. but maybe i just need to be more open hearted like you all seem to be. you are all super lucky to have each other and you're all so stunning.
    that's what i wanted to say