it made me miss my grandpa barica.

husband and i were wandering around the lower east side 
yesterday afternoon in a snow storm and happened upon katz . 

i can honestly tell you, best sandwich of my life. seriously.

{and i’ve eaten a gazillion corned beef meals and sandwiches  
in my 22 years of life from the poppywich-barica side of my family…
so trust me.}

you must go.  

…and mom, i’ll take you here next time we’re in the city together. 
you will love it.
  1. Emily

    for my first trip to nyc last october, this was one of the places i desperately wanted to visit. unfortunately, i decided a frozen hot chocolate from serendipity and a few pounds of sugar from dylan’s candy bar was more important. bad move.

  2. Brittany

    OMG. That is the sweater Blair Waldorf wore in last weeks Gossip Girl episode!!! WHERE did you find that?? What designer? WHY do you always look so chic and stylish??

  3. husband’s tie . . .wonderful. boy polkadots are the best xx

  4. So glad you gave it a try. And “I’ll have what she’s having.”

  5. Holly

    im loving your frilly blouse!

  6. Dennise

    From the pictures, it reminds me of Manny’s in Chicago. Best corned beef sandwiches in this city. I’ll keep Katz in mind when I visit NYC.

  7. Love your blouse and josh’s tie! That sandwich looks wonderful too. I am hungry.

  8. Rie

    umm… so let out a high-pitched yelp (in byu library) when i saw that you commented on my blog. i think you are absolutely FABULOUS and hopefully i will be you one day, haha.

  9. Cheryl

    Mmmmm. Looks yummy.

    (I also love the Gossip Girl Blouse you are sporting. You wear it better then Blair!)

  10. I just want those fries sitting on the table in front of your hubby. OH MY they look yummy

  11. brittany,

    i don’t know if the sweater is from gossip girl (i don’t follow the show) but i bought it at anthropologie about a month ago and it is by nanette lepore.

    hope that helps,

  12. Monique

    while everyone else raves about your great clothes, I’m eyeballing the food! What did your hubs order?