i’m just happy. you know, so very happy.

last night i made up a recipe as i cooked dinner {meaning i tried to incorporate what i had in the fridge} and ended up with a homemade seafood-stir fry-pasta-something-dish. it made me fall in love with the snow pea hard core. how i had forgotten to include these to every single dish my entire life i have no idea. but they will most definitely be making more appearances in my kitchen from now on…
we really cannot wait to see them next week. go listen to them right now. husband and i cannot get enough. 
i attempted to go on a run this morning…until i stepped outside the apartment and experienced a stunning city snow storm first hand. instead, i circled the block once slower than a tortoise catching snowflakes with my tongue out the entire time. it was magical.
i’m giddy right now with all the little projects i get to be a part of for 2009. it’s going to be a WONDERFUL year of creativity and learning. in fact, i couldn’t sleep last night i was so excited.
and i’m sure you already know what i’m going to say next. but i really just cannot get enough of this man.  i’m thankful for the way he challenges me and makes me want to be a better person every single day. i love him.
i hope you are happy too! have a wonderful beautiful day.
  1. Um…love snow peas…they are the best!
    im am excited to see what your upcoming projects and stuff include!
    and it is hard to imagine there is a snow storm somewhere when it is sunny and like 70 here!
    Happy Day!

  2. I love snow peas too! And of course we’re obsessed with Devotchka! Oh man, I am jealous you are seeing them perform.

    You are going to take it away with the KILLER things you will be working on this year. I am so proud of you. As always, those wedding pics of you and Josh are amazing.

  3. Carolyn

    I love this post, your honesty and appreciation for the small things in life is so genuinely magical.

    I too love the snow pea…she and the artichoke don’t get enough credit in my mind.

    Happy 2009 for sure!!!

  4. Jill

    hi i found your lovely blog through a little sussy and i love your outlook + style. my husband + i will be at the devotchka concert too! we’ll be rocking, see you there.

  5. What a nice post! I can’t wait to read more about your creative projects this year!

  6. okay, i saw your comment on my blog this morning & literally felt like a true rockstar had signed my page. nerd alert. sorry for not saying hello sooner…i am a huge fan. your blog makes me happy, so thanks. :)

  7. Anonymous

    i get so excited when google reader shows an update from rockstar diaries. your posts are so uplifting and simple. thanks for all you do in your life to inspire and serve others.

  8. jenna

    I am very excited to hear about and see pictures of your projects! I am definitely intrigued.

  9. Holly

    your wedding photos are soo rad!

  10. A.

    Devotchka is one of my favorite bands. They’re so great!

    I’m glad you have projects lined up… I think a new year can bring a lot of good things, good change, etc.

    I can’t cook.. but I admire your cooking ability.. haha.


  11. Anonymous

    I love that you thought it was magical to exercise in the snow. I need to think more like you.

  12. Melissa

    Who did you wedding photographer?

  13. leo patrone was our wedding photographer. we loved him!

  14. Brett

    Gorgeous. My love.

  15. Anonymous

    “I love that you thought it was magical to exercise in the snow. I need to think more like you.” I don’t understand, thinking like that is the only way to think!!!! It’s just natural.

  16. Remember how Devotchka is coming to UTAH this month.


    Ok. Maybe not.

    But yes, we ARE stoked.

    Yea verily.

  17. what a pick me up type post!