1. katie

    you two have so much fun together!

  2. becca

    I love it! I love your tea set too!

  3. Anonymous

    ahh! So cute!
    I have a question, are these photos taken with holga? If so, where do you get them developed?

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  5. fun party! husband is a very good sport I say. =)

    so my leopard cardi is from Ann Taylor Loft. HA! I had been sulking for like a year about not buying the one from j.crew way back when and then I happened to go in ATL (usually not a fan) with a friend and there it was! It’s the yummy kind that never gets little pilly things on it too.

  6. KSBL

    you guys are too cute and funny!


  7. Emily

    i can’t remember the last time i had a tea party, but you’ve certainly inspired me. cucumber sandwiches and pretty dresses are required!

  8. Meikel

    Love it! What kind of Polaroid camera do you use, I love the quality : )

  9. Anonymous

    so darling. i love tea too!

  10. Brett

    I want to be invited.

  11. i love tea parties. cute pics!

  12. Drinking some tea this very minute..

    Do you have any tea favs?

    I am sipping on red rose tea with a bit of creamer/sugar…

    Have a great day.

  13. Oh the things husbands do! Dan has never had a tea party with me, but I usually save those things from bff’s like you.

    And about your email. I just replied. In shock!!! What exciting new adventures you are going to have!!!! We love you.

  14. Anonymous

    I don’t want this to sound rude. I thought Mormons weren’t allowed to drink tea or coffee. Are some teas okay? Just curious.

  15. Sarah

    I just can’t get over how cute you always look. And you two were made for each other.

  16. I am so happy I found you through Jo’s amazing Glamour article! I also have a boy that comes to my tea parties and lets me wear silly hats! i’m gonna tell him he’s not the only one now and make him build me a fort! you two are so happy looking

    Big Love from Ireland xxx

  17. Anonymous

    mormons stay away from caffeine. they drink herbal tea.

  18. you guys are so super cute! reading this actually inspires me to think of different date ideas for my bf and i. haha. :)

  19. jenn

    So sweet.