if anything, she has the coolest name i’ve ever heard.

so… pipilotti rist’s latest installation at the MoMA really didn’t do it for me. i had heard {and later read a review} that it was more focused on femininity, especially since many view the MoMA as man heavy in art and exhibits. but i didn’t see that at all. maybe i just didn’t understand the way she was trying to incorporate that with the whole fantasy and reality thing. or maybe i was just not feeling it yesterday when i saw it. 
the way they transformed the atrium at the MoMA was incredible. i think the architecture of the museum is what really made pipilotti’s concept come to life and bring everything together as an experience.  
but i don’t know, go see it for yourself. 
and read more about the commissioned installation here
  1. She does have a sweet name. Anything that starts with Pip. Oh the Swiss.

    A few other important matters of business. 1. LOVE this new headband of yours. I’m assuming you made it too and are busily making me one on this nice Friday evening. (please?) 2. Check my blog. You will DIE!

  2. M.

    If I lived where you lived I’d totally go see this. It sounds intriguing. I also love your headband. Yes, etsy?

  3. Greg

    Sweet name.

    (Sweet blog.)

  4. Sarah

    The set up looks crazy! I just watched one of the videos you linked about the commission. She seems really crazy too! Hahaha.

  5. Anonymous

    You’re so luck all the trips you get to take to MOMA. I like you headband too. You should sell. You are very pretty.

  6. Anonymous

    you are always doing the coolest things.

  7. You are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! What red lipstick do you always wear? It’s a great shade.

  8. I completely agree with you. Loved the space transformed…didn’t really like the actual exhibition.

    ps – you are rocking the headband! glad you found it!

  9. I love your blog! It’s fabulous and oh so fun! Thanks from London pretty girl! x

  10. I’m jealous… you have too much fun.

  11. Anonymous

    i love your style! where do you shop?