1. becca

    Those are some big fireworks! Looks like fun. I love your festive hats!

  2. hey i know rubi and stanton! small world :] looks like you guys had fun!

  3. Oh my…Looks like you guys had tons of fun!!!!

  4. Amy

    what great photos!

    and i love the party hats.

  5. Sarah

    I LOVE the photos. really great.

  6. Cheryl

    Haha! So cute! the videos are funny too!

  7. we really like josh’s little teehee laugh as he runs away from the fireworks.

    you need to put up the polaroid of you throwing away the evidence because that’s probably one of the coolest polaroids we’ve seen.

    p.s. i sound like a little girl on these videos.

  8. Sarah

    Haha! These are really awesome. You guys have great photos from everything!

  9. Brett

    So fun. Im a bit jealous. Go fireworks.

  10. And to think there was a time when we were brainstorming ways to get rid of those fireworks…

  11. Megan

    You guys are so cute!!