1. i hope so too. i remember we used to have tea parties.

  2. Cheryl

    Oh my goodness you are making me want to have som e tea right now! And can I ask where your cute head band is from? I love it.

  3. Anonymous

    i also am dying to know where you bought your head band. thanks!


  5. Sarah

    I am obsessed with catalog cards! Thanks for the link.

    Alice’s is on my list of things I need to experience someday when I make it out to New York.

    And, since everyone else is asking– Where is the cute hair piece from?

  6. thanks everyone. i actually made my headband.

  7. I’ve eaten at Alice’s Teacup! It is delicious! Their scones are to die for!

  8. Sarah

    You MADE that hair piece? Seriously. I can’t take this anymore.

  9. Anonymous

    that green tea pot is so cute!

  10. Brittany

    you and your friend are beautiful people. i don’t like tea much, but i’d love to sit down to a nice tea party with you. i bet it’d be so fun and fabulous! i can’t imaguine.

  11. sheila

    you’ve inspired me to play tea party today.

    Unfortunately my husband doesn’t want to play. Luckily there is a niece nearby.

    I really like your blog. It makes me feel warm all over.
    and… I’m jealous you live in New York.

  12. Anonymous

    Hey there Ms.Taza-Naomi.

    I occasionally come take a peek at your blog! You’re very entertaining and not to mention beautiful.

    I’m curious what you do for a job? I know you graduated from Julliard School of dance. Do you perform for a living? You just tickle my curiosity bone! :)

    Take care!

  13. Brett

    work nay nay. I love the headband. Its so beautiful. You are amazing. I really want to have a tea party when I am in town next. that would be so fun. miss you.

  14. I hope you’re blessed with lots of daughters soon too, Naomi. You are going to be one hell of a mother. Making headbands and clothes, having tea parties, playing dress up. Not to mention they will be just beautiful. I can’t wait. That sure will be one creative and joyous household. Love you.

  15. Anonymous

    If there was one person in the entire world I could choose to share a discussion with over a cup of tea I would pick you. I’m just so curious about your life, thoughts, mannerisms. You seem absolutely delightful and very so grounded. You inspire me daily. I adore you.

  16. Nicole

    I am going to join in on the chorus and sing the praises of that headband! I am jealous of your head wear-making talent!

  17. becca

    Of course she made that headband. Why are you all so surprised? It’s Naomi we’re talking about here.

  18. Dennise

    Yay for catalog cards, I’m gonna make a million of those.

    Naomi love, how do you organize your pictures in squares like you do? I can’t figure it out.

  19. Kristine

    So I guess I’ll just come out and say I think your blog is beautiful! Been sneaking peeks here and there for longer then I’d like to admit.

  20. Anonymous

    i don’t know what it is about your posts exactly, but they make me so happy!

  21. Anonymous

    u rock naomi..i also wanna know how u do ur pictures that way.

  22. thanks! i move the photos around with paintbrush on my mac. i export them from iphoto first to shrink them and then copy and paste them and move them around with paintbrush. there might be an easier way, but that is how i do it because i find it’s pretty easy. if you have any trouble, let me know!


  23. the “lots of daughters” comment is so funny! Some daughters don’t want tea parties! My daughter is 16 today and wouldn’t enjoy a tea party…isn’t that so sad?

  24. Anonymous

    you are so pretty. xoxoxoxo

  25. those library cards are wonderful! you blog makes me happy.

  26. Anonymous

    Your little daughter are going to love you. What happens if you have all boys?

  27. i think you’d be a magical mummy to boys also, one word- forts!!! x