1. BTW- I love your blog!! Just thought I would leave some comment love for you :) You are super creative and fun! THanks for the daily inspiration!

  2. That looks so good!

  3. Emily

    i think i need that shirt!

  4. +L

    yes yes! tell everyone cuban food is amazing. i could go for some of my mom’s black beans and rice right now… YUM.
    love your blog. i’ll be back for more :)

  5. Kiasa

    I love, love, love Josh’s t-shirt. It seriously sums up our life here! xoxo

  6. Sarah

    Such a great post! I love josh’s T-shirt! That is why I don’t live there!

  7. Katelyn

    Awesome post.

  8. hahaha yes!

    joshs’ t-shirt says it all.

  9. Enough with the food posts, you’re making me wanna go to NYC and pig out! Geez!

    And I love the shirt!

  10. Lacey

    That is one fabulous shirt!

  11. Hhaha! Hilarious. Love you guys.

  12. Ann

    Hi, been lurking, but had to shout out…LOVE the SHIRT!

    My sister lived in Queens, and she felt the same way!

    Also LOVE your blog, especially your Polaroid shots- have a super-fabulous day!

  13. love the shirt and that looks super yummy!

  14. never have had this…I’m getting interested now.

  15. Dad

    YUM! You know how much I love Paella. Now we’ll have to make some at home when I get back from my business trip.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  16. Loraine

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  17. cara.



  18. Katie

    I’m pretty sure I need to get one of those NYC t shirts.