1. I’m a huge fan, too!! Isn’t he super young? Like 19?

    It’s just awe inspiring to see such talent.

  2. Krystal

    ohh, I love this! thanks for sharing

  3. Silvi

    I’m such a big fan of them!! Unfortunatly they’re not coming to my dity (Berlin, Germany)…but some da i WILL see them live. Love it, thank you

  4. Eve

    his music is nice :D
    I had never heard of him.
    and I have to say…
    i'm becoming a big fan of your blog!

    love it love it :)
    from, eve

  5. no it does not get better than this. i love it!

  6. Jamie

    I haven’t heard of them either! I love this. Thanks for sharing all of your favorite things.

  7. *hay*

    Okay, i love your blog. wanna know what i love even more?!
    your 30 rock quote. i love love double/triple love that show and when i quoted that line to my boss last week he gave me a blank stare.

    i’m so glad that someone else appreciates the subtle reality that “hat” really is more of a boy’s name.

    keep bloggin, i beg you never stop!

    much love,

  8. i am very much in love with the below picture. i've always wanted twins.

    did you see thirty rock last night? & did you laugh your socks off?
    we did.

  9. Monique

    oh gads! That just gives me happy chills! Love good music!

  10. *to Melissapher: Zac Condon is 23 now! ;)

    *to you: Thanks for sharing such lovely music with us :)

  11. Lane

    I’ve seen this before! I wish I could walk and sing like him in the street!!

  12. what wonderful talent… they’re most definitely a favorite. thanks for shedding some light on them; it’s well deserved.

  13. Anne

    Oh… this is the one song, and the one video, that marked my year 2008. Nothing more touching.

  14. hi sweetheart,

    i will give you ‘sillymoo’ to use amongst your loved ones. if they laugh at you, say it’s the hugest term of affection in existence in ireland and they will love you even more than they already do.

    love from a cold ireland


  15. Danielle

    LOVE Beirut. You have great taste in music (and clothes, if I may say so).


  16. Kaylen

    Oh Beirut. How I love thee.

    I met him before his concert a coupe of Octobers ago in Chicago. He was SO cute I just about melted.

  17. Amanda

    AWESOME band.

    will definitely be seeing them when they hit london in may.

  18. Hairica

    Agreed. agreed. AGREED

  19. Angela

    ahh! i love zach condon and beirut! a true gypsy band for my soul. did you know that the reason he plays the ukelele so well is because he broke his wrist, so he couldn't reach the length of the guitar well? his voice is hauntingly beautiful :) i'm going to see them in montclair nj in a few weeks!!! so excited!