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  2. becca

    such a sweet friend! you look so pretty with your bangs like that too.

  3. Cheryl

    This is such a cute idea! I might steal it for a best friends coming up. You look darling as ever.

  4. Cheryl

    And mind my asking what brand glasses you wear? They too are darling as ever.

  5. megan

    Happy birthday to Naomi’s friend Brett! I bet you’re really cool if you know Naomi! (and my birthday is on wednesday so I like you! Hooray for January birthdays!)

  6. Natalie*

    sweet post, darling nay nay.

    rise above,

    keep calm…..

    and carry on!

    you are so loved.

    xoxo, [email protected]

  7. Sarah

    happy birthday brett!

  8. Lynn

    love your color processing on your pics! how do you do it?

  9. Anonymous

    happy birthday brett! naomi, where is your sweater/ shirt from? love it.

  10. I’m sorry but… I didn’t get… Isn’t that you?! so who is Brett?!

  11. Hello… I found your blog via blogland. Just wanted to say hi, you & the Mister are quite lovely !

    Best wishes…


  12. that must be the longest candle ever!

  13. Brett

    Oh My. Thank you so much Naomi and Josh. I love you guys. This is so so so so cute. Naomi you look so stunning as always. I miss you. Thank you so much really.

  14. Brett

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  15. Anonymous

    which program do you use to process your photos? Do you edit them? Just wondering, because you're pictures are quite lovely :>

  16. sarah

    hi naomi, i love you blog! you two make a very sweet couple and seem to have a charming life. i see from your profile that you are two are LDS. i am very curious about mormonism, as it seems to be a beautiful kind of faith, and have a quick question. is it true that lds women are not supposed to have jobs? the reason i am asking you is because seem to be young and hip and so i’m hoping can give me a straight forward answer about living as a mormon in modern society.
    thanks so much in advance!
    xoxo sarah

  17. Anonymous

    i wish i were you, nay nay.

  18. From what I hear, Brett is certainly one hell of a fella. Naomi, you always find the most wonderful people to surround yourself with. I hope to someday meet a few of the NYC group and thank them for taking such good care of my baby.

    And, happy birthday Brett!

  19. dear sarah,

    why don’t you send me your email? or else email me [email protected].
    would be happy to answer your question and any others you might have there! thanks!