crif dogs afternoon date.

husband and i tried out crif dogs saturday while in the east village. basically, it’s a hot dog place that deep fries all their hot dogs {wrapped in bacon}. they also have crazy ideas of toppings like fried eggs, avocado, BLT style or philly cheese-steak hot dogs. husband tried a fried egg on his… i wasn’t as adventurous and just had mine wrapped in bacon with pickles. you probably shouldn’t diss it until you try it because it was delicious.

  1. WOW! hot dogs wrapped in bacon sounds interesting…especially since I love bacon…hmm!

  2. Cheryl

    I love bacon! I bet that would be tasty! I’m going to try that next time I make one (I might hold the fried egg though). Thanks for the tip!

  3. Johanna

    Crif Dogs also has some excellent veggie dogs. Yum!

  4. jenna

    Mmmm! Hot dogs wrapped in bacon?!? Give me the pickles and a wee bit of yellow mustard on that and I would be set! (I don’t think such amazing hot dog eateries exist in Alabama… :/)

  5. ahh! i miss that place… named “crif dogs” because “crif” is the sound of the owner (chris)’s name when he’s got a mouthful of hot dog :)

    you two make me hungry…

    did you get their “fries” as well? (they’re actually tater tots!)

  6. did you ever try the deep-fried candy bar at a salt & battery? (most fantastic name too).
    also, do you make your own headbands? i've been inspired by yours & want to try several diy headbang projects.

  7. My husband will LOVE this place… we will have to go there the next time we visit NYC.

    Does your hubby always wear a jacket and tie on Saturdays? I love it!

  8. Anonymous

    i love crif dogs! and your headband is sooo pretty!

  9. lepetitdoodler,

    yes we tried the tater tots! and we loved them!
    i had no idea that was how the name crif dogs came to be! crazy. i love it. so thanks!


  10. Erin

    OOOh this looks very yummy! I love that your Josh (I have a Josh too! Good name!) always dresses up in a tie to take his pretty lady out on a date! You guys are adorable.

  11. Mouse

    Oh, now I’m hungry. Phooey. :)

  12. sheila

    mmm. fried hotdogs? I’m already a big hot dog fan. That would be delish!

  13. Kaylen

    Okay. That sounds delicious.

  14. Come home for a J-Dawg.

    South of BYU.

    Walking distance from my wee little place of residence.

    You would love it.

  15. Bradford

    this reminds me, i HAVE to go to crif dogs soon…perhaps when the weather warms a bit. mmmm.