bunched lunches are healthy…and we try to be healthy.

a kind blogger wrote about us on her blog
and actually used the sentence
“check out this adorable couple and their obsession with junk food.”
…it made me nervous.
and while we’re still big advocates for chicken nuggets and the big mac, here are some photos of us with salads, vegetable soups and sandwiches on wheat.
please disregard the insanely large diet coke and frozen yogurt also pictured.  we take baby steps at our house.

 *also, please disregard my previous post on mcdonalds.
the bunched lunch, 40 carrots @ bloomies.
  1. Brett

    Love the glasses nay. baby steps are the way to go. good for you guys hehe. love you.

  2. Cheryl

    Do you ever get nervous about the GAzillion write ups about you guys all over the blog world? I look at tons of blogs and see your photos and nice things being said about you daily and am always like, Yay, I’m with you…Obsessed with them too. And you’ll continue to look amazing no matter if it’s a Big Mac or salad in front of you. You guys rock.

  3. oh I think your obsession with McDonalds is kind of cute. It strikes me as kitchy, ironic, and honest all at the same time. Love your blog ;)

  4. Stephanie

    This is hilarious. I love your posts.

  5. Sarah

    Don’t turn over to the dark side Naomi! Don’t turn into one of those girls we always make fun of who only orders salads and waters and diet everythings! I love your big mac love and I will sincerely be disappointed if I see no more micky d love on the rockstar blog.

    Don’t do it!

  6. Anonymous

    This is SO cute. I love your style!

  7. that cracks me up about what they said!! Love those that we have the same! Aren’t they fun?! Will you still be my friend even if I hate mcdonalds? I know that’s bad to say but I do! Hopefully you’ll forgive me.

  8. becca

    That’s too funny. You are adored in the blogging world, Naomi. I see your page linked everywhere! And eat away at the greasy burgers and fries, somehow your waist line never changes and your still beautiful as ever.

  9. Glasses. I was talking bout your glasses, if you didn’t catch that. Sorry.

  10. lol. you guys are adorable!

  11. Holly

    OMG! Where did your husband get his tie? I LOVE IT and must get one for my boyfriend!!

  12. That is so SO adorable. No judgement *promise*

    xx. mavvie

  13. Mindy

    You are too cute! I love your honesty…keep eating those nuggets…because – you know – everybody sneaks a mcdonalds fry now and then.

  14. These pictures… they’re lies…all lies.. there’s probably a big mac hidden under the whole wheat bread, admit it now…


  15. Becky

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  16. Becky

    I felt the need to “delurk” to tell you guys that I love your blog and think you two are just adorable! I too am trying to eat healthier, New Year resolutions and all… but it’s hard to resist the call of the Golden Arches! :) Would you mind letting me know what color lipstick you wear? I just love that red!

  17. Thais


    Don’t let people take you away from Mickey D’s!!! Hubby and I love Mcdonalds too. I even had chicken nuggets today.

    Salads are gross.

  18. R Max

    You like food alot… why aren’t you the size of a bus?

  19. Fenke

    oh – that blogger must have been me… I am sorry if i made you nervous!

  20. You guys are super adorable!!!

  21. Carolyn

    Yum, the sammie looks yummy!!!

  22. Anonymous

    Look at the woman behind your husband! She looks…what?! *lol*

  23. Liv

    don’t worry, i’m pretty sure the berries cancel out the frozen yogurt.

  24. A.

    Don’t let the haters get you down! Ha ha, seriously! By the way, I’ve been a reader for a while, and I’ve noticed you and I have several things in common: we’re both from Utah [am I correct?], our husbands have the same name, and we have the exact same birthday, even the same year, I believe [which is the best day ever…].

    I love your blog! I enjoy reading it every time you post.

  25. becky, the lipstick is called brick from the viva la glam line at mac cosmetics. it’s my favorite!

  26. Krysta

    A junk food obsession is totally normal. Maybe even slightly healthy when you consider the opposit. This is what I tell myself anyway!

  27. hi – what glasses are you wearing? i would love to know!

  28. amy

    I looooove your hat; did you make it? Buy it? Details puh-leeze! A pattern maybe – I would try it, I love it so.

  29. amy,

    actually the hat is from H&M.; i WISH i could make hats like that!