because a girl can never have too many headbands.

i am obsessed with across the forehead headbands and since quite a few of you commented or emailed asking about my handmade headbands (thank you!), i’ve decided to open up a little etsy shop just for a few weeks to sell some of the ones i’ve made. 
the online shop isn’t open just yet, but here is a little preview of what you will find there later this week {or possibly before then, i’m sort of really excited about this}: 
{sorry for the lack of quality in these photos —and lack of model. 
i’ll have better detailed photos up in the shop… 
and hopefully will have found a better model by then too.}
  1. Emily

    YAY!!! my comments have gone to such good use. can’t wait to visit (and buy from) your shop! xo

  2. AHH! Hooray! Will you be making more then one of each because I already see three that I want!!!!!!!

  3. mic

    i thought my bangs kept me from rocking the forehead headband, but you’ve inspired me to try it out. cant wait to get my hands on some of your goodies!

  4. YAY!!!! I am super excited!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us…and the model is beautiful! :)

  5. Oh my goodness I can NOT wait to buy one of each!!!

  6. Erin

    Do you know that I just screamed a little after I read this? I can’t wait to buy one and proudly tell everybody Taza made it for me!

  7. Krista

    those are super cute! i don’t know that i could pull it off…but it might be worth it to snag one of those pretties before they’re all taken.

  8. Anonymous

    i am so excited about this! you have great taste in clothes and accessories so i think i will have to get one of these before they get too famous and expensive because of popular demand.

  9. Laura

    Hiya, wow! I’m a little bit in love with your blog, and a lot in love with your headbands. When you open your shop, will you be able to send them to England, or are you sticking to the USA? x

  10. Anonymous

    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!


    A COUPLE!!

  11. Brittany

    Well obviously they are already in high demand…look at these comments! Can you let me know before the others when the shop actually opens? (haha. kidding.) What if I miss it by a few hours and they are all gone??? I really want some. You should start making some more right now so everyone gets a fair share.

  12. Jamie

    I can’t wait!

  13. Jamie

    and girl, YOU look great modeling your headbands. I think these photos couldn’t get anymore perfect! :)

  14. Holly

    hip hip hooray!! can’t wait to see the shop!

  15. Anonymous

    i have loved your blog but never commented before. i think you and your husband are so cute and i love the way you dress. i’m so pleased you decided to sell some of your headbands! i think you are very creative and talented all around. can’t wait to see the shop!

  16. wonderful! i always see your headbands and think, where does one buy such a creation? it must be at some cool NYC shop that i dont have… but now i know! im excited to see your etsy!

  17. jeni

    I love your headbands and I am quite certain you couldn’t possibly find a prettier model. I am a fellow dancer from Utah, still living in Utah, and I love reading from your diary. You are a wonderful creator of many things and I look forward to your shop.

  18. love these headbands! can’t wait to check out the etsy shop.

    also, i loved your hot dog post…i’m obsessed with weird hot dogs. we have a place here that wraps them in bacon and puts pinto beans and guacamole on them and its amazing!

  19. jordan

    i love the headbands, they’re so unique!

  20. Anonymous

    Since I’m your sister, do I get first pick???? I NEED ONE!

  21. Anonymous

    ps, it’s Hannah

  22. I’m so upset Naomi! because it’s not possible for me to have one of this beauties… :(

  23. Micaela

    excited micaela!!! :) and whatever n, you’re the BEST model!!! I have a big head but I will forgo that body issue and get my hands on one! ;) xo

  24. Charlotte A.

    Looks like you’re going to be making a lot of headbands for all the demands! Can’t wait!!

  25. Brett

    Beautiful my love. I wish I could be your model hehe. Love you

  26. sheila

    I really like the headbands, I just don’t know if I can pull it off. I’m such a plain-hair’d girl. But you can count me in for buying a few. I need some inspiration for a new do.

    ooh, and guess what? There is a good chance for me of visiting your wonderful home town NY this summer. you must keep posting about cool things to do there (like you already do). My list is just starting with things on your blog.

  27. molly

    yippy! yippy!! so super exciting :D

  28. Jessa

    I’m so excited, I can’t believe it!


  29. p.s you don’t need a new model!!!

    p.s.s.i got put on smitten for christmas lights too!

  30. Anonymous

    Yay!!!! The double strapped one is mine! :) Can’t wait to see it.

  31. rebecca

    Well sign me up! I adore your blog and to have something handmade by you I would adore even more!

  32. Sarah

    This just made my day! I especially love the first two. Can’t wait for the opening!

  33. Cheryl

    I have a feeling you are going to sell out of these lovelies very quickly. I hope I’m luck enough to grab one before they are all gone! I won’t be as cute wearing it but I will certainly feel like a RockStar!

  34. kate.

    Wow I can’t wait! I want one of each!

  35. I totally want the one on the bottom left, i saw it in more than one pic and loved it! you should totally get a better model though, I dunno about this one… =)

  36. Anonymous

    Such great news Mrs. Taza!

  37. You are such a famous little rockstar my love! I LOVE the response you have gotten here for your hot headbands. I want that top right one so bad! Congrats on all your creativity and talent love!

  38. robin

    i’m getting one . . .

  39. Anonymous

    i’m so getting one too…

  40. This might be your new profession. Pretty.

  41. Jessica

    wow. you have me very excited! i can’t wait to browse the shop!

  42. I wish I could pull these off because I’d buy ’em all! Unfortunately, I look a little bit like a goober in headbands of any variety. Pooh.

    Please don’t get another model. You are stunning and I think you ROCK those headbands.

  43. Anonymous

    LOVE these.

  44. Meghan

    I haven’t commented before, but I really enjoy your blog and truly appreciate your sunny outlook on life. The headbands are simply stunning and I wish you the best of luck!

  45. Naomi, these are GORGEOUS!

    I am so inspired, I feel a trip to the craft store coming on asap.

    And I will definitely be stopping by your Etsy shop!

    (by the way, I think the model/photo style is awesome, I wouldn’t change a thing!)

  46. Em & Gar

    good grief my lovely friend. you are apparently going to have to open your own head band boutique! these people are crazy about you!

  47. jysika


    long time creeper, first time commenter.

    i would probably buy… oh 4 of those headbands.

    i do have a question: could they work as a normal headband? i have a funny shaped head and don’t think it would look as nice over my head as yours do.

    thanks :)

  48. :) so… i hope you do not mind.

    i pretty much wrote a blog about you, stealing pictures and links…

    i fell in love with your life today.
    ahha.i promise im not a weird stalker and i super promise never to show up on your door step.

    i just absolutely covet your life.
    molly freestone

  49. in love! put me down for the top & middle right bands, they are SO great. seriously, even tho i've got huge curly hair.
    i'm a long time stalker-i guess i share your typical habit of writing about food & inevitably the boy in my life.
    let me know if you open a REAL shop before feb 13th-i'll be in ny!!

  50. Kelsey

    Your blog is my absolute fave…..I will be buying these headbands, I cannot wait!!!

  51. Anonymous

    i love all of your ideas and clothes and fashion and head bands… i can’t wait to have some of my own hed bands now too!

  52. becca

    Um… i’ll take one of each! Yes please!

  53. Sharon

    This is my first time commenting, I usually just read with pleasure and ogle your lovely photos, but I just wanted to say congrats on your Etsy venture! You might want to get some elves to help you churn out a whole series of those headbands… they’re beautiful and obviously very much in demand. I hope they don’t all sell out before I can snag one…

  54. Anonymous

    You should open up a big store, and sell your pretty photographs too. I loved your Brooklyn bridge adventure photos!

  55. Samantha

    We are very excited for your new endeavor. (we, meaning my friends and me. our office is obsessed with you…)

  56. Wowza. Look at this demand! Naomi, I am so proud of you!!! Let me know if you need any help or will be hiring employees anytime soon!

  57. Heather


    can’t wait. i am so excited!!

  58. glasarit

    Definitely want to get one (or two!)
    I’m just wondering if it will possible for them to be sent outside the U.S. …

  59. Anonymous

    i agree with everyone else. these are gonna be BIG! get your big sewing machine out!!!!!!

  60. Erin

    Just lovely- all of them! I’ll take the three on the right!

    Also, as a neighbor in NY I’m available for hire (or volunteer) if you need help cranking them out! haha

  61. Pam

    I LOVE your blog! My niece Jackie sent me this way and I’m so thrilled she didYour Christmas greeting video is the best thing I’ve seen in awhile!

  62. lola

    i’m so excited!! i will buy many… thanks!!

  63. Anonymous


  64. tee

    love these headbands! guaranteed for SURE that i will be checking out your etsy shop! can’t wait!!

    p.s. thanks for letting me know about the cameras – it makes me excited to try and take more pictures myself!

    p.p.s. sorry for all the exclamation marks. i get really excited sometimes.

  65. Whitney

    I can’t wait!

  66. janeen

    love these! you’re adorable…