1. Natalie*

    uh… i’m a little disturbed that the child was left ALONE for 4 hrs… what? is he a cat?

  2. nat-
    at the beginning of the video there is a note from the parents that pops up that says “human interactions have been edited out so the video would be funnier. we do love our son.”
    …because yes i know, that would be very disturbing otherwise.


  3. emily

    my FOUR-YEAR-OLD doesn’t play by himself that well. i am impressed.

  4. Chaucee

    What son is this?

  5. liko

    haha! that is funny! and it is nice how he can entertain himself so well!

  6. surfs up

    thats too funny.

  7. loved that.

  8. emily

    Saw this too and loved it. As if I wasn’t baby hungry enough already before this cuteness.

  9. I would say somebody is baby hungry but I don’t have to. And know you are still in my prayers, both of you. I love you.

  10. Holly

    that child is soo self efficient! I love how he kinda ends up in a corner after all the toys have been played with!

  11. i kinda liked the song more than the video. i guess that means i don’t have baby fever;)

    anxiously waiting your store opening!

  12. M.

    Thats really cute!

  13. We laughed our heads off. This was so cute.

  14. this one

    i love this!!

    have you moved to DC yet? can we be friends yet??

  15. This is awesome! I need to do this with my kids. Hilarious.

  16. malia

    that is hilarious…and exhausting!