and now january feels awfully dull, cold and boring.

our christmas tree has been dead since the second week of december and we’ve been leaving a trail of pine needles everywhere we go around new york city since then… so i finally took it down this morning and stuffed the box of decorations under our bed {also known as our closet/ pantry closet/ storage unit and basement.}
…i also vacuumed up every pine needle in sight… including the pine needles mysteriously found inside the bathtub, the back of our closet, in the silverware drawer, inside our bed sheets and every corner of our 450 sq foot place.
i’m trying not to be such a baby about it but not only does the apartment suddenly look so ugly and bare, but i’m beginning to miss the feel of pine needles pricking my feet as i walk around the apartment. 
now i’m beginning to remember why i’ve never loved january or february much.
  1. Cheryl

    I love the wild thing ornaments! And the teddy bear with your name on it. Cute! And I feel the same way about January. But nothing compares to the hoopla of December I suppose.

  2. A.

    We got rid of our tree today, too.

    Depressing. I was getting pretty attached to it, and I had to say goodbye at the drop site…

    January stinks.

  3. caitlin

    Those are darling Wild Thing ornaments! Where did you get them? So fun! I feel the same way about January, it’s too cold and boring.

  4. Annie

    well who does like those months really? I just take solace in the new season editions of magazines and fashion week news… anyways, funny story, the other day the dog walked under the christmas tree, hooked itself round some lights or tinsle or anything, walked out again and brought the whole tree crashing down in slow-mo… it was really funny at first but then the hoover broke from the inch thick carpet of needles.

  5. Anonymous

    Well at least we have cool posts from you to look forward to in these god awful months.

  6. Emily

    in true beverly hillbilly style, we tossed our beloved tree down two flights from our deck. the whole apartment seems lifeless and lacks that crisp, refreshing smell of our noble fir…i completely understand your pain :(

  7. always been happy to have my birthday in february because other than that…*shudders*

  8. Anonymous

    I always make a deal with my family that I will take down other xmas decorations if someone else would take down the tree. Way too depressing for me. It is really very sad and i’m glad there’s someone else out there who feels the same way I do, because I get mocked incessantly for this.
    they just don’t understand the tree love and the brutal dying of the xmas spirit when the tree comes down :(

  9. andrea

    Seriously though! January is lame. At least there is there are valentines to look forward to in February!

  10. kalen

    you could always do the christmas in july thing!

    but in… january?


  11. Love your site….and all of the pictures. Thanks for sharing. I also feel your pain about the coziness we come to appreciate about Christmas and the lackluster we feel after it’s passed.

  12. Ann

    I second that emnotion…(sigh)…

  13. Lacey

    I share your sadness…the months leading up to Christmas are so fun (Halloween, Thanksgiving, parties…), then it’s just *blah*. I’m trying to stay positive by thinking about all the things I want to do this year and reminding myself Christmas is now less than a year away :)

  14. by March it will be better! :-)

  15. robin

    oh man, i’ve always hated january and february. but then i got a husband and a baby whose birthdays are in january so i had to learn to stay optimistic thru january (it’s hard!), but february? ugh.

  16. Anonymous

    Now is the time to spruce up the place with something new and funny. Flowers, maybe you should go to a flea marked and pick up some new stuff?
    Take the time to do new stuff :) Christmas is over for now, now we can start look forward to easter, spring, and summer :)

  17. thanks for the tip on the boarders. I’m going to try that! Are you still getting rude anonymous comments? I don’t get rude people. Totally not my style!

    We so want to come to NYC and have you cart us around to all the amazing places you blog about!!!

  18. Rach

    I found your blog through “Little Sussy”. Its very cute and I like to check the your adventures in NYC once in awhile. Hope that doesn’t creep you out :). I had a quich question. Your red lip stick is always perfect. So hard to pull off. What color, type do you wear? It looks fantastic and very sassy. I love it.

  19. hi everyone!

    we got the where the wild things are ornaments at urban outfitters. and… they are on sale for very cheap all of the sudden (of course!) check out the website.


  20. those ornaments are beyond adorable!!

    & january really is such a boring month.

    La C.

  21. Maverick

    I LOVE those dolls of Where The Wild Things Are!! Those are sooo adorable. I used to have some, but I’m not sure what happened to them.
    LOL @ mysterious pine needles in the bathtub!

    xo Mav

  22. Rach

    Thanks so much. Going red lipstick shopping tomorrow!