1. Meikel

    Happy 18 to you both!
    Your little sussy shoot is tremendous. Seriously great!

  2. Martha


  3. Anonymous

    you guys are seriously the cutest couple! congrats on 18 months!!

  4. becca

    Love you both. Happy 18!

  5. Congratulations! Everyone should have a marriage like yours!

  6. Meg

    1. congratulations
    2. the pictures are amazing
    3. the snow in NY is lovely, but I’d rather be in Utah (its kinda dangerous here–slipping and sliding all over the place–okay, okay, its really fun too)
    4. I miss you too! when i come back from my 10 day hiatus in Tejas let’s play like its a new year!!

  7. Casey

    LOVE that photo! Happy year and a 1/2! You are the model of the ideal happy marriage for all of us!

  8. Anonymous

    happy anniversary to the most adorable couple in the blogosphere.

  9. Carolyn

    Cheers to many many more for you two, I love the idea of having something that great/lasting one day.
    Merry Christmas!

  10. Shug

    this picture is absolutely phenomonal! It could totally be in a frame, and sell..very well!

  11. photo is to die for-way to go Nicole!

    Letter to husband-PRICELESS! :-)

    Hope your Christmas is the Merriest!

  12. Beautiful photo. She really is talented! You two are an inspiration to the rest of us. Love you.

  13. happy 1.5 years!! So exciting. Husbands are the best!!

  14. dani

    I love this photo. Very cute blog.