we’re beginning to notice a pattern here…

…but our salads just never seem cool enough for a blog post.
maybe husband and i only eat burgers, fries and pizza in our little life. 
just kidding. but it seems that way on the blog, huh. 
husband says it’s ok because we’re on the “rockstar diet”. 
oh how we wish.

{john’s pizzeria in the west village.}
  1. Emily

    i now understand the craze behind ‘new york pizza.’ it just doesn’t come like this in california.

  2. M.

    Well somehow you stay so trim on that rockstar diet. And I agree, that NY pizza sure does look good.

  3. Leigh

    john’s is the BEST!!!

  4. How I understand esting pizza and burguer all the time! If only I could… And those pictures make me wanna eat one go right now! You’re postings about food are on my to do list for when i go to NY!

  5. Michelle

    my boyfriend and I are moving to NYC in March and he insists East Coast pizza is the best, but coming from Chicago I’m still not persuaded! I’m so excited to try places like this though.

  6. Anonymous

    loves it.

    your so pretty.

  7. Sarah

    Well somebody please get me on that diet because whatever they are putting in that pizza sauce makes you look great.

    And your waist line. You have the tiniest waist. And you’re always downing greasy stuff… where does it go?

  8. my thighs sarah, it goes to my thighs. have you seen these mother thighs of mine?

  9. you otta do a restaurant review on each of the places you guys visit!

  10. You have NO IDEA how much I miss that right there. I know it’s weird but I seriously CRAVE John’s and… (whispered)… Ollies. I wish I could eat your picture. Maybe I’m just hungry….