virginia is for lovers!

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our flight was delayed sunday evening from virginia to new york 
{boo weather}. 
at first we were excited! {stuck in a teeny tiny airport for hours!!! imagine!} but we were over the delay after about ten minutes {who wants to sit and wait for 4 whole hours?} so we decided to go play games in the airport. 
did you know “virginia is for lovers“?!
we didn’t….
let me introduce you to all the “lovers” merchandise for sale in the williamsburg airport…

{virginia is even for drunk lovers!}

husband is so much fun to play with. 
but then he got sleepy {i can’t really blame him} 
and took advantage of the delay and slept for a few hours.  
i preoccupied myself with a caesar salad and some reading.
we certainly hope this is the last we experience of delays this season.
crossing our fingers we have better luck with the trip out west next week…
  1. Michelle

    our friend does some work for The Martin Agency in VA (they came up w/that slogan). I like the logo, it’s definitely the little heart that makes it!

  2. Lacey

    Delays are so much more fun with you have someone to spend them with! And you guys got some cute pictures out of the process!

  3. Liv

    But OHIO is for lovers! At least, according the Hawthorne Heights.

  4. Thanks for the laugh this grumpy and overcast morning!

  5. Sarah

    I love it. Wish we had a slogan like that!

    You two are such a riot, always.

  6. I have that exact first t-shirt… my best friend is from there, so of course I needed to represent!! Also, my flight got canceled TWICE from Philly to Atlanta because of the weather… I ended up having to drive back. It was an intense 13 hrs…

  7. Megan

    This is hilarious. I love that slogan.

  8. Martha

    Ha I remember the first time I saw that and I was like “what the?” Ha gotta love delays.

  9. okay, so i don’t think i’ve ever commented on your blog and i’m not even sure how i found it. welcome to blog world right?! but i LOVE it. it makes me happy everyday. so thanks for sharing life in a way that makes it contagious to go out and really LIVE.

  10. Jackie

    I have traveled a LOT and been delayed in many airports, but never Virginia. Had no idea it was “for lovers.” Good to know.

  11. Totally. I am from Virginia. That slogan is the truth.

  12. looks like you guys had a great trip! How fun to be somewhere so colonial for the holiday! We have to get together when you guys are back- let us know when!

  13. The Miz

    You guys rock my socks! You always have so much fun no matter where you are.
    Love it!

  14. Meikel

    I am so impressed on the amount of merchandise that says Virginia is for lovers. It’s impressive!

  15. cutest lovers ever playing with the cutest “lover” merchandise!

  16. jen

    awe… i love the slogan of my home state. when i moved away for college, i actually picked up one of those t-shirts – which i still sleep in every now and then. years later, i never moved back and now this post has made me homesick. :(

  17. Anonymous

    Always finding the coolest things to do. I want to spend a day with you too.

  18. Hi Naomi…it was fun meeting you last night. Here is my blog address, though not quite as exciting as yours ;)

    I am from VA and the amount of lover stuff is a bit nauseating. We get the point we have a cute slogan but its EVEryWHERE! Love your blog!


  19. Nat

    I just found your blog. enjoying it. My parents have an AMAZING photo of themselves on vacation in virginia in the 70's BOTH wearing those t-shirts.