1. that looks yummy. I’ll have to look for that next time I am there.

  2. I love those photos!!

    I have no idea how I found you, but me likey! I’m subscribed now!

  3. Martha

    Oh my goodness! That looks like the cutest little place! Next time I’m in St. George I’m going there!

  4. thats in st george?? who knew!? i love the pattern on the booth!

  5. found you from a friend of a friend and i just love the pictures you post. i actually live in the george right now so thanks for highlighting one of our (few) little gems! twenty five main always satisfies my sweet tooth. yuuuuum.

  6. the booth cushions are so adorable!

  7. i had cup cakes and lunch there on my visit to st. george earlier this year. it was so yummy! will definitely go back there when i am in st. george again!

  8. kate.

    i have totally been there and i love it too!

  9. cupcakes, my weakness…

    and teh patterns on those seats, I wanna make a pillow out of that and add it to my pillow collection!

  10. Em & Gar

    Husband and I love this place. Can’t get enough of the cupcakes! their food is delicious too! yum!

  11. Meghan

    Random that i came along your website, but my sister owns twenty five main! She’s the one who is in charge of the cupcakes and wedding cakes done there! I am so happy to know that you liked it! Come again!!!!

  12. i love that etched heart on the table.

    p.s. we really liked your cupcakes from christmas eve.

  13. how adorable is this place!

  14. Sarah

    You always find cool places! I guess you really are rockstars! And why are you so photogenic??? Please share the secrets.

  15. P.S. Sorry for calling you a hipster. I know you hate that word.

  16. love 25 main! i discovered it this year too, and it is so good. the coconut cupcakes are to die for..

  17. liso.

    uh-uh. the george has LOTS of gems. they’re just mostly secret!

    ::this is our 2nd favorite spot to eat!::

  18. So I live about a block from there and the guys from work love going there for lunch every week. It's amazing!

  19. You are soooo right. Thats mine and my hubby's favorite place to go when we lived down there. :)

  20. hey, that's my cousin's restaurant! very cute place. great cupcakes.