snowboarding in utah: still sore.

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husband taught me how to snowboard last week in park city, utah. he is such a wonderful guy, so patient with me the entire day as i gripped his hands and wouldn’t let go. i am still sore. there are some really talented people on that mountain. even little children were flying by me on the slopes…i don’t know how they do it. it’s incredible.
i’ve never skied or snowboarded… as a dancer it’s a major no no. but i promised husband i’d at least try it once after i graduated from juilliard. and i did. at least attempted.
as for now, husband is in the market for some snowboarding and skiing friends. maybe next year i’ll be a better wife and take a class or be more brave or willing or coordinated or something…
  1. Oh boy. I went through that last year. Casey is both a skier and snowboarder. I figured I’d try snowboarding since I’ve tried and failed at skiing before. I did it once and he got so excited that he BOUGHT me all of my gear! So it looks like snowboarding will be a part of my life now. I hope i don’t die.

  2. haha- the first time I went snowboarding my butt was so sore that I would actually try to fall on my face rather than my booty! Oh it hurt! Looks like you guys are having so much fun being home though!

  3. amy

    ohhhh i did the same thing with my h’band and spent half the day crying in ditches and crawling after my mittens.

    he was super patient with me as i sobbed about being a “fun ruiner”…but seriously! isn’t it the hardest thing ever?? and i’ve never ever ever been so sore as the day after…(p.s. classes do help but still think i’m better off waving to him from the lodge while i sip my cocoa and read us weekly by the fire.)

  4. Julie

    I used to adore skiing, but I can’t go anymore. My husband is always looking for someone to ski with, as he often goes alone.

    I’m taking my college co-ed to the hair salon today, despite the massive amounts of snow on the road. She wants bangs, like Rock Star Diaries. You are setting a new fashion trend.

  5. Sarah

    You should have called meeee!

    I’d drink cocoa with you in the lodge.