pre-holidays in st. george, utah.

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{the davis family christmas tree was beautiful!}

{i loved the white snow on the red rock! this is the davis’ backyard!!! stunning!}

{these photos are from last week, when we were in utah. we miss our families so much already!! thanks to husbands parents for all the fun we had in park city and st. george while we were there. xoxo.}
  1. Jessa

    This is fantastic! I’m from St.George actually. We haven’t had a white christmas in SG in the 12 yrs my family has lived there. And somehow this year, we had a little miracle of our own which you experienced yourself! So glad you had a good time. Is husband from St.George?

    ps TwentyFive Main is yummy! I’m glad you found it!

  2. Sandra

    Those mountains are really something with the snow! i love St. George! (I’m from Arizona, but I love it still!) I’m going to have to find the cupcake place next time I’m there. You tend to find the coolest places no matter where you are! Thanks for all the hook ups!

  3. Sarah

    That rainbow dress is adorable! Where is it from? Love all the trip photos.

  4. Brittany

    What a nice Christmas tree! Is your husband from St George? I thought you once blogged he was from Florida but maybe I got that confused.

    Happy holidays!

  5. Amanda

    What a beautiful Christmas – southern Utah with the white snow! I was wondering if you are using your holga camera? Your pictures always have such a warm glow. I’ve tried every setting on my camera and can’t get any to turn out even similar to yours. Especially the first picture with the tree… Beautiful!


  6. Lauren

    You look so good in every photo!

    (followed you over from your shoot with A Little Sussy. great photos. You should model.)

    ok, Bye!

  7. True That: Naomi is a hottie. Love the dress too.

  8. i swear i have seen the davis parents around before. they always look a little familiar and i can never quite remember why.