1. Erin

    Ahh you two are the cutest!! I saw those in one of the shops at Bryant Park and loved them! Well stay warm & have fun wearing them :)

  2. glasarit

    Awesome!! :D
    Too cute

  3. becca

    where did you get those? i NEED one today!

    (and no one pulls of hot red lips like you girl. you always look SO good!)

  4. yayyyyy!!!

    yeah i like that pink one on you, and josh looks especially nice in the lion. haha do you know which ones you’re gonna keep? (perhaps all of them?)

  5. I hope we do run into you in NYC. I hope you are actually prancing. I hope you are both wearing your hats. I hope one of you almost slips, but doesn’t, and we all get a good laugh… thanks for the shoutout. Oh we love the Davis family.

  6. Rarrrrrrrrrr and Oink to those! Such fun!

  7. I just discovered your blog recently and I love it. You and your Husband are so adorable! :)

  8. Holly

    you look freaking adorable!! and huge points for having a husband that will wear one of those :)

  9. kalen

    yes! LOVE it! :) i need a monkey one. *dances around in it* i like making people second guess on whether or not i’m 24 or 12.

  10. oh my gosh i love these. and your blog.ok bye.

  11. love love the hats. You look stunning in that photo!

  12. Em & Gar

    oh i love it. i need one. and also i’ve been wanting to try red lipstick for over a year now but never have the guts. you’ve inspired me. I’m purchasing some today!

    Although we both know i’ll wear it once and then realize it looks much better on you!

  13. Emily

    your hat is one of the cutest i’ve seen! i hope you wear them out together!

  14. OK. I HAVE to know what you got the RIDICULOUSLY FABULOUS SO AMAZING I WANT ONE hats.

    And a few other things,

    #1. I tried red lipstick over break last week. No no. Not a look just anyone can pull off, regardless of you saying so. It only works for you… So OWN it. The rest of us look awful.

    #2. That post on the new blog about raising daughters really hit home. Dan and I have had this conversation numerous times. I can’t get over how great it was. I hope I raise all boys.

    #3. Cannot wait to see you.


  15. Anonymous

    You and your husband! Coolest couple on the blog circuit. I am in love.

  16. Sarah

    I think I met you once in the singles ward in NYC. I vividly remember because you had on such a killer stylish dress and shoes and things like that are hard for a girl to forget (I said to my friend “That girl IS New York!!” And then someone next to us agreed and said you went to Juilliard too and I was more envious then before.) I was in New York briefly for an internship a few summers ago (I miss it, I’m back in Provo now but I hope to make the big move back soon). Anyway, just thought I’d say hello. I hope you don’t mind if I linked you to my blog. But you and your hubby are too cute!

  17. Sarah

    (And what color lipstick do you wear, if you don’t mind my asking!)

  18. Carolyn

    LOVE the hats and LOVE that blog. that sencond entry you highlighted was so awesomely (sp?) written.

  19. Love them! Where from?

  20. COOL! I’d like one. What other animals do they make? NYC has all the fun stores.

  21. thanks everyone! we got them at the little holiday market down at union square. $30 each. we think they make the perfect christmas gift!

  22. Martha

    Ha ha I love them!

    P.S. I checked out that blog and also loved Lisa’s post.

  23. I….must….have….them…..

    I saw cupcake beenies to they were awesome, but these are awesomer!

  24. Megan

    Oh my goodness! Look at how cute you two look! I love these.

  25. If I see you, I’ll think I’m in a scene of Madagascar and try to get an autograph! very cute!

  26. Anonymous

    You guys are always doing such silly things! But nobody I know could pull them off better then you/.

  27. Jenn

    Wouldn’t it be so funny if you guys ended up on the Sartorialist like that?

  28. Kathryn

    That Lion cracks me up. Seriously, if you really do wear these outside I think I’ll secretly love you both forever. Amd I don’t even know you.

  29. Brittany

    Only you guys could pull off this look.

  30. Brittany

    And I am wondering if they had cow hats? Where might these be from?

  31. aww that is so cute!!

  32. shill

    cuteness naomi!!!

  33. Anonymous

    The last post you linked really is so beautiful. I also wish I could can peaches like your friend Rebecca.

    And if I wore a hat like that I’d have peaches thrown at me! How do you always look so good?

  34. Dennise

    There are no words to describe the cuteness of this image.

  35. ek.

    Those hats are adorable…as is your blog (I just recently discovered it and you two are also adorable!!).

  36. this is one of the 100,000 people that you don’t know that reads your blog. your polaroids are fantastic and you and your husband make me smile.

  37. jordan

    those hats are ADORABLE! (as are you & your husband) i need one. maybe a kitty cat.

    i love all of your pictures, they're amazing!

  38. Anonymous

    Everytime I stop by your blog page I know I’m in for a big treat. You are very creative and beautiful my dear.

  39. Hanna

    Hey I’m Hanna from Germany and I just wanted to say, that I loove to read your blog, it’s so warm and funny…well and especially this picture is awesome :)

  40. kez

    Hellooooooo. I saw a pic of you & Hubby in the latest issue of the Cosmo magazine (in South Africa) wearing these 2 AWESOME beanies. Think it was one of Nicole Hill Gerulat's pics. Gorgeous as always!