little weekend in DC.

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husband and i took a little trip to DC last weekend. believe it or not, i’d never been {i know, i know} and believe it or not, i LOVED it. DC is beautiful {especially those stunning little neighborhoods}. so clean and dainty. we decided we wouldn’t mind it in the least if someone offered us employment there and we were to move.

see what i mean? charming. so charming.

oh i don’t know, i like kissing waterfalls.

i also like kissing things that remind me of my husband.

we rented a little mini cooper while we were there. 
if you haven’t already, you should really join zipcar.

and this is what i mean by charming… i wouldn’t mind living in this teeny tiny blue house in oldtown alexandria. i maybe have already started packing in my head.

after a lovely little seafood lunch on king street in oldtown, 
we found a nice old ice cream shop and i was happy.

we really liked this blue brick siding and sign. 

we also went to the national gallery of art.

..and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

husband is my favorite person to travel with. 
he’s also my favorite person. period.

again, so adorable. do they color coordinate neighborhoods or something?

we’re saving the more detailed tours and monuments for next time…

husband was ashamed that i was once again documenting our mcdonalds obsession.
i do promise we ate some lovely healthy meals in DC too. 
{i just have a problem photographing a salad.}

anyway, we like DC.
  1. Liv

    Thanks for sharing all your trips. I live vicariously through you and your travels. I feel like all I ever do is work all day and then work all night!

    Oh wait, I do.


  2. Martha

    Oh my goodness! I heart DC! I went for the first time when I was a senior in high school and was so moved by the beautiful architecture, the cute town homes, the rich history and just everything! I am actually trying to get an internship there for the coming summer :) I’m glad you finally went :) And i’ve heard Zipcar is fantastic!

  3. Martha

    P.S. The monuments and museums are all simply breath taking!

  4. It sure looks fun! All your cute outings and travels! I love the last photo, Oh Josh! Own up to it! Your making McDonalds rockstar famous!!

  5. Carolyn

    Wow those colored houses are so cute! I love, I love!

  6. those little colored homes are darling!

    i’m dying to get back there. I was five last time. boo. I barely remember it..only the ruby slippers in the smythosonian.

  7. Mandi

    Oh I could not agree more! A friend of mine used to live in Bethesda, and I loved visiting the area. I’ve always said that one day I will live there.
    Great travel photos! :)

  8. nico

    Hi there,
    I definitely think you should move to DC, we could use some more cool, fun and creative folks in the city. I love your blog- I found you from “A Little Sussy’s” spread and really love your awesome style and inspirations! so… yay for DC!


  9. oh i would so love to move there! i never knew it was so cute and charming!!

  10. SG


  11. Isn’t DC wonderful? We feel the same way. Would love to live there. or Boston.

  12. precious little places…how cute they are and so colorful!

    I love the photo where you are kissing the waterfall. So funny

  13. That first picture, the bright yellow house, was it on sale by any chance? cause that’s a color I’d live in forever!

  14. I LOVE DC and feel the same way about it than you do, wouldn’t mind it in the least if we would ever have to move there due to an employment offer. that would be heaven! also, the dc temple is one of my favorites, i went there the first time right before reporting to the mtc in provo, ut. i just love that city and the surrounding areas.

  15. Holly

    oooooh, ive been outta blogville for awhile and coming back to your blog chalk full of colorful new posts got me happy!!

  16. love d.c. looks so lovely. and i got your christmas card…so adorable!

  17. I also saw your pics on A Little Sussy and adore your style. We live in DC and LOVE it. I work on Capitol Hill, and for reals let me know if you guys are serious about looking for jobs…

  18. Nik

    This made me miss my life of eight…almost nine :( years ago! E-mail me next time you go I have all the “secret” intern numbers for the really good tours! I cut my hair, thanks for being such a great inspiration! Best wishes for an EVEN more amazing 2009!

  19. this one

    you should have called. i would have taken you to the White House.

    and then we could all go to church together. :(

  20. hooray! 23 yr old me had never been to DC until september either… LOVED it as well. so quaint and charming and sweet.

  21. shill


  22. Apron

    I love DC–Levi can’t stand it. Something about how clean and orderly the Metro is, I think… Still, it’s at the top of my “places to actually live” list. How come we don’t think we ‘actually’ live here?

  23. Mmmm…I love DC. You know, since I live so close, I should really make a point to visit more often.

  24. S.A.S.

    I’m dear friends with Apron and have seen you when we’ve visited the Harlem ward. Husband and I live in D.C. and recommend highly (higher than the Empire State Bldg). I work in Old Town (also recommend), and we will show you around any old time, if you visit again.
    – Sarah

  25. Brett

    I love the blue house. so cute. guest room for me please.