las vegas bowl {aka, naomi went to a football game.}

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{finally getting to a few of the last posts from our trip out west last week…}
last saturday, husband and i ventured out to las vegas to see BYU play Arizona in the vegas bowl with husband’s parents. i’ve never understood football or one’s obsession with the sport…. but between my 4 layers of thermal underwear and hot chocolate, i LOVED it!! {p.s. byu lost…}

and maybe my favorite part of the las vegas trip was eating at mandalay bay’s all you can eat buffet. see my dessert 2 platters? oh yes, i was in heaven. 

{i wasn’t able to eat ALL of it–shocking, i know— but sampling everything was delightful!}

yay! football!
  1. You’re obviously not from the South… college football is religion here! I am glad you enjoyed your first game though, it really is a fun sport! :)

  2. Jeannie

    Yay! Watching sports at the stadium beats watching it on TV any day!

  3. Sarah

    win or not, you look darling!

  4. stop lying, you were there for the cocoa…

  5. kalen

    i love doing that at buffets – sampling the desserts … yum yum yum :) and the football game looked like a blast!!! it’s adorable that you wore your piggy hat. so cute.

  6. Funny how there are more picture of the desserts than of the game. I am with you on this. Your trip out west and Christmas here seem so fun. Merry Christmas!

  7. Brett

    Do you feel complete now?

  8. um yeah. because you are my favorite person in the world… you can come to our new years party.{since you asked so nicely.. remember??..greatgatsby..?}
    ps..any great new years party games??

  9. of all the things you’ve ever posted- i’m most envious of this one. matt and i watched the game at home, wishing we were there with 4 layers of thermals on.


  10. m

    isnt las vegas the best!!?? yup… its my hometown =)

  11. ek.

    I loovvee your blog and was also at the game!!! However…I am a proud Arizona alum…GO CATS!! :)