1. Anonymous

    What glasses do you wear? I love them?!?

  2. M.

    You look fabulous as always. You can pull everything off! I still don’t know how I feel about McDonalds, though. Maybe I should give it another go.

  3. Carolyn

    I too think their french fries have an addictive substance in them…wish they didn’t but…they must.

  4. i’ve been guilty of driving through just for fries.. they don’t get much better. pray for snow!

  5. Dennise

    I am devouring a quarter pounder with cheese as I read this. I have no self-control when it comes to the golden arches. Sweet surrender.

  6. Sarah

    You look so beautiful.
    Surprise, surprise, though. Huh?
    No wonder your husband hurried up and married you so quickly, you are gorgeous and you LOVE Mcdonalds!

    Lucky man.

  7. becca

    I also am an addict. Help!!

    (P.S. Love the glasses.)

  8. Anonymous

    I must say, you make a darling couple. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who craves Mickey D’s.
    You are such a genuine gal, thank you for being YOURSELF. I have read your blog long before you became famous :) and I just have to say I appreciate your creativity. Who thinks of making a pretend fire? Your future kids are probably dying to meet and play w/ you.
    Take care and let the love keep shining.
    An internet friend.

  9. Megan

    Your blouse is so pretty. Where is it from? And I’d love to hear about the glasses too. You always look awesome.

  10. Ofcourse you did! You’re Naomi. The day you turn down a big mac is the day we find out the world is flat.

    So proud of you, my girl!

  11. i agree…there must be something in their fries. just smelling mcdonalds makes me crazy!

  12. sunny

    Yes to Big Macs, the nuggets and the fries. It’s been too long! Looks like a lovely way to spend Thanksgiving, if you’re asking me.

  13. Dad

    Do you remember when we went to the world premier of the anti-McDonalds movie at Lincoln Center? A few weeks after that I was driving in Nevada and stopped at a McDonalds to order McNuggets. I backed out of the drive up window after thinking about the movie and still can’t eat a McNugget. Sorry!

  14. Dad

    One more McDonald’s thought: Last week in Seattle they had McRib’s!!! I had 2-4 every day I was there, for lunch and dinner. Now there is the best sandwich McDonald’s has ever made!

  15. alysha

    um, yes. So glad to hear I’m not the only one that loves McDonald’s. Although I may just take it to the extreme, stopping there at least once a day. I at first blamed it on the Star Wars toys, them Monopoly, but I’m still going, and both of those are over.

  16. my husband and i both LOVE mcdonalds. he loves the nuggets and fries, too. my favorite has been the southern chicken sandwich, but i also love their cheeseburgers. i also passed this love for mcdonalds on to both of our children while i carried them, because they both love the mcdonalds fries, and they are only 1 and 2!!! we are definitely a mcdonalds loving family, just like you and your husband. i think it’s funny that you post about it a lot. it’s cute!

  17. Anonymous

    the big mac sure does look good in the photo

  18. Lacey

    Yummm..I too cannot resist those golden arches. Bic Mac’s are simply amazing. I usually start craving one while sitting in class and then there’s no going back…I have to drive through on my way home!

  19. Liv

    I’m all about the Big Mac, but not on Thanksgiving! Too full of turkey. And pie. And rolls. And potatoes. And cookies.


  20. How incredibly brave to admit your eating of McDonalds for all the world to see! I tend to do my furtive cheeseburger snarfing in the dead of night with only raccoons staring on.

    Cute blog, btw!

  21. Hairica

    I love this! I love it because it is the opposite with my boy. He is always the one to get a Big Mac, and I [without fail] get the nugget meal. Makes me/us happy every time.