how we love a happy nyc christmas…

on christmas eve, we had a great time with friends at the clarks little holiday gathering 
{thank you marci and dan! such perfect hosts, as always…}
christmas morning was lovely with the opening of many beautiful presents, holiday music, and ornament decorating!!*
and then husband and i had a delicious christmas brunch at norma’s.

{see husband’s waa-za waffle? so good. i maybe stole it from him and finished it.}
we strolled around nyc enjoying the lovely weather
{one of husbands long time traditions we’re carrying on}
read the nativity story 
{and charles dickens account to his children, thank you mom davis}
spoke with our loved ones on the phone
and made a beautiful little christmas feast for 2 in the evening.
we hope you had a lovely christmas…
we love all of you.
josh and naomi
*i have the greatest husband. he maybe secretly set his alarm for 4:30 AM to set out some of my presents “from santa”. too bad we live in a studio apartment where there is no privacy to do such a thing.  and although i’m a deep sleeper, i always notice the absence of my husband when he leaves the bed because my cuddle buddy is gone. sorry for ruining your elf delivery, husband. i love you.
  1. becca

    I LOVE this post, Naomi! Those beards! Hahaha! Happy to see you both had a very merry Christmas! I also LOVE the dress you wore to brunch. Where is it from?

  2. Glad you had such a good holiday time! You guys always find great ways to have fun! And with all the packages from anthropologie who could ask for more!!

    p.s. If here we’d celebrate the Thanksgiving I would shure be thankfull for the anthropologie international shipping!

  3. E.F.G.

    merry christmas! yours sounds delightful!

  4. Merry Christmas, my Nomi!!! I love you.

    (P.S. Dan went to Normas once and thought it was delicious! When we come out to NY we’ll have to go there!)

  5. did you friend Marci make those beards? They are awesome!

  6. Martha

    CUTE! I am so tickled to see you two had a great Christmas together!

  7. Krissa

    I am completely addicted to your blog…I saw it from Meg (the Wily brunette’s blog) and am inspired by your blogs…I am going to do better on mine! You have made my work day speed by as I have read your whole blog today!!! Thanks :)

  8. Brett

    Amazing. You guys look so beautiful. I love the beards haha. What a great idea. Your dress is divine. Al always. I love you. Glad you had a good one.

  9. Anonymous

    You sure do live the life. I am so jealous of all the fun you and your cute husband have. And can you share the color and brand of the lipstick you use please? It’s divine with your skin tone (I think we have similar types). Thanks.

  10. Sarah

    That is the cutest thing I’ve read, sweet Josh. You sure do treat your lady like a queen! I love it. Too bad Naomi ruined Santa’s delivery. Hahaha!

  11. Merry Merry Christmas!!

  12. Anonymous

    Reading things like this give me so much joy. Both of you really remind everyone what love is, and how two people can continue to cherish each other. Thank-you for being such great people and examples!
    So I wish you both a Merry Christmas, a happy New Year and bestow upon you sincere good wishes and thanks for giving me an example of the simplest kind of happiness brought upon by the love and excitement you two exhibit each day.
    Cheers :)

  13. That last photo is just delicious!

    Oh to be young and childless again.


    Those were the days.

  14. merry christmas to you both…I see you had a very lovely one!

  15. Anonymous

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