home in nyc for the holidays.

husband and i flew back to new york city last night. we’re spending christmas here in the city {we sort of like our own traditions… plus, husband has to work the day before and after christmas}. we had such a wonderful time with the family back west. i have many more photos to post from the trip, hopefully i’ll get around to it soon…


p.s. no one should ever fly delta. they lost over half of our flights luggage as well as a flight from atlanta. we waited over 2 hours for them to go find it. it was lame. and it was also 2AM. 
{i took this photo in provo, utah yesterday. can you believe how beautiful the snow is? it was lovely.}

  1. Sarah

    naomi, that photo is phenomenal! i love the coloring! glad to hear you made it back home safely (even with screwy delta!)

    merry christmas!

  2. Katie

    How can an entire flights luggage go misplaced? That is awful. Glad your back in NYC. I’m sure your little Christmas will be great.

  3. becca

    Love the photo, what camera are you using?

    JetBlue is what you should always fly. Seriously.

  4. Brett

    I love the picture. so beautiful. I miss the west. Glad you are home safely. The weather is really crazy everywhere. Merry Christmas my love.

  5. Have a great Christmas in NYC and enjoy all the city has to offer. We loved our city Christmas experience when I was too pregnant to travel. I love the pics your friend Nicole took. Just beautiful! Happy Holidays from the Adams!

  6. Kate

    Poor husband, having to work :( Love your blog, Naomi! Just found your blog and think it is great, Naomi! Was actually just wondering, what do you do for a living? Are you a dancer?

  7. pretty picture. but yes, delta is horrible and i am not a big fan. at least youve had a good christmas :]

  8. Noelle

    oh don’t worry, last time we flew delta our flight was canceled, THEN we had to fly into a different city, and THEN we found out they sent our luggage to a completely different AIRPORT!

    and it was our honeymoon. happy wedding, right?