her very first big mac… ever.

once upon a time, my lovely little friend sarah informed me that she had never experienced the big mac hamburger from mcdonalds. i suddenly had no idea how we’d been such good friends all these years. so… since she’s been in town, we decided to pencil in a mandatory dinner at mcdonalds so i could show her the ropes of my beloved burger and be there for her first time. we also brought all the friends along for moral support.

here is sarah and her first big mac.

the group. minus meg and jamal behind the camera.

yes girl, there are A LOT of calories in that delicious thing…

…but it’s really really good.

it even made meg and brett do funny things… and faces.
and then, i did something i’ve never done before. 
i spotted kenneth the page from my favorite tv show 30 rock
and got up the courage to go talk to him and…. 
ask for a photo! 
 {he was sort of really funny….he asked me to check his teeth for any food prior to the photo being taken…}
see, even celebrities love mcdonalds!!! 
  1. I think you were the greatest friend! Everyone needs to be introduced to th big mac! The only problem is how to geat out of it!And … how lucky were you?

  2. i love him. love that you got a picture with him. can’t wait to see you on saturday.

  3. jenna

    Wow. What a fantastic trip to McDonalds!!

  4. Sarah

    i love it!!! it makes me want to go eat another one right now….but i wont! haha

  5. Anonymous

    You probably could have made money if I he had food between his teeth… *lol*

  6. j.

    confession: i’ve never had one, either! i’m more of a nuggets type of girl. maybe, i’ll have to give it a go? is it really THAT good? and worth ALL THOSE CALORIES?

  7. I LOVE that you saw Kenneth at McDonalds! That is awesome. And guess what? I’ve never eaten a Big Mac either. I’m strictly a single cheeseburger kinda gal.

    Is it weird that I’m commenting on your blog when we’ve only talked at church like once?

  8. Martha

    Yeah for Big Macs! Ha ha that is so cool!

  9. Dennise

    I love me some Kenneth!! How do you manage to make even McDonald’s look so glam and awesome? You have a gift, lady. :)

  10. i’m so jealous! i love him, and i love that he either has really supple lips or is wearing lip gloss.

  11. ohio12

    That is a REALLY good celebrity sighting.

  12. Sarah

    so jealous! i love kenneth!!

  13. Do you know what’s worse than McD’s Big Mac virgins? McD’s Chicken Nugget virgins, especially since they have the best Honey Mustard my buds have ever experienced

  14. Ahhh! I love it! I love it all. Documenting a friend’s first bigmac, the celeb, his comment. WOW.

  15. i love kenneth! so jealous.

  16. Natalie*

    true confessions:

    1. i have never tasted a big mac.

    2. i’m currently eating a mcd’s snack wrap and small fry. (i asked for ranch and they gave me this sick honey mustard variation…. tastes like a honey/lemon lozenge on fried chicken)

    3. i hate you that i haven’t seen you. namaste*

  17. kyler

    naomi – i wore that EXACT outfit to work yesterday. not even kidding!

  18. oh my gosh we love kenneth!

  19. omg i LOVE him! i’m so jealous that you saw him and you have a picture with him!!!

  20. Em & Gar

    so…i have to tell you. I too have never had a big mac!
    btw love the turtle neck so hott on you!

  21. Meg

    that photo…oh naomi, why, so embarrassing (and just so you know i had mcdonalds again last night, not good, so not good)

  22. Big Macs and a celebrity?! Wow. Completely envious. haha…;)

  23. wahahahahhahahahahahahahha……

  24. rachel

    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAA!!! Kenneth!!!! I am so jealous!

  25. I can’t believe you met Kenneth. He is my all-time favorite character of any tv show. Fun outing.

  26. Anonymous

    That’s awesome that you met Kenneth today. The day before yesterday, I met the guitarist and background singer for All-American Rejects. I know how you need courage to go up to someone famous! But just remember, it might be a one in a lifetime chance :)

  27. Oh man–kenneth the page. Do you know there is a channel on cable just to tell you what is on the other channels? I love it. Heard he looks older in real life. Do you think so?

  28. Shug

    this is going to be awkward, but I had my first 2 big macs this last week too. I went once, then again the next day! long live the Big Mac!!

  29. Meikel

    You almost have me convinced about the goodness of the big mac, and I am a vegetarian! So glad you worked up the courage with Kenneth, he is so funny!

  30. I can’t tell you how jealous I am! I LOVE Kenneth

  31. Danielle

    Naomi, I just wanted to let you know that I started reading your blog a few days ago, and every time I do, it makes me happy. You seem to live the life I aspire to- full of joy and sparkles and fireworks.

  32. Jessica

    I’m so jealous! He’s my fav from that show. Does he have an accent in real life?!?!

  33. this one

    haha, i love him too. what a cutie.

    i love that you love mcds. and you are so skinny and pretty.

    your blog always makes me want mcds too. and it is lunch time here in dc. :)

  34. OMG OMG!!! Nothing better than celebrity sightings at McDonalds!

    That is better than when my sister saw Flava Flav when she was tourist-ily visiting the Hollywood sign.

  35. abby

    That’s so cool you met “Kenneth”- you are so brave, I couldn’t have done that!

  36. M

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE that guy and that show! How awesome that 2 of your favorites met up in the same place!

  37. *hay*

    oh my goodness i love kenneth!! why isn’t he wearing his page jacket??
    a blogstalker.

  38. *hay*

    i love kenneth the page!! Where is his page jacket??
    a blogstalker

  39. celie

    YUM, now I’m hungry. I can’t believe you met kenneth!! mcdonalds is totally underrated..
    p.s. I love your blog :)

  40. Tara

    How funny that I’m watching 30 Rock right now and I see this… :)

  41. shill

    now now…you got me craving for a big mac!!!

  42. Oh Kenneth! I love that you ran into him at mcdonalds. I’m so jealous!

  43. so nice of you to be there for her first time…this post had me giggling…xo

  44. M.

    Great post. LOVE him.

  45. AJ

    you have no idea who i am and in stopped by from a little sussy. your life looks grand. no joke i have watched 20+ hours of 30 rock in the last 7 days. KENNETH IS MY FAVORITE. you just made my day. i love you kenneth. i am glad to hear he is funny. i would be so sad if he was not in real life.