1. Sarah

    AH! I love love love!!!!! What’s this for? Did someone commission a sexy video from the beloved famous couple? Hahaha. Is it for anything?

  2. skye

    so cute. what the song?

  3. Megan


    You guys are just awesome. It’s like everything you touch turns to gold. You’re brilliant.

  4. Anonymous

    So cute! Yes, what is the song?

  5. that is the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen! i’ve been inspired; i might have to force my husband to break out the video camera. what is that song?

  6. Jenna

    Adorableness personified. I love the song, what is it?

  7. no sarah, just us being silly!

    and it’s called dumpster diving by castledoor.

  8. Liv

    awww, Christmas magic.

  9. Brittany

    you guys are very creative. always have so much fun too! i really love this video. mind if i link it on my blog?

  10. what a cutie cute video! and love the music :)

  11. Emily

    this made me so happy! thanks for sharing your beautiful tree trimming ritual!

  12. M.

    Your tree is beautiful! Great video!

  13. Looks like this could be for a commercial on Christmas lights.

    It was magical and started my day of great.

  14. The video is so good! You guys are so much fun! Loved it! Happy Holidays!

  15. becca

    You are really rockstars. And yes, this does look like an ad for something very special!

  16. Martha

    Ha ha I love it. I watched it while at work and I just giggled out loud!

  17. Gosh y’all are cute… I just can’t take it!! :)

  18. Brimaca

    I’ve been reading your blog for while and never commented but this video was adorable. You two are cute and your life looks so adventurous!

  19. kyler

    i also watched it at work. so cute. husband and i are decorating our tree tonight and i just might have to do the same.

  20. Sarah

    I love you!

  21. So clever! Love it.

  22. jenna

    You two are just so much fun!
    (and by the way, nice job on the tree!)

  23. Anonymous

    You are the most creative girl I know! Very clever. Made my day…

  24. this is the cutest thing i have ever seen. literally.

  25. Cool video. I thought the part where you are leaning over was you expecting a kiss. Merry Christmas.

  26. and neither of us will be at the pizzeria on the 13th because of a family thing so hopefully you’ll love it so much you’ll come again before you leave and i’ll be there.

  27. sunny

    wonderful. absolutely love it.

  28. Anonymous

    PLEASE never stop blogging. I live vicariously through you every single day. LOVE your life. You two seem to find the fun and crazy in the simple everyday things. That’s a gift, my dear.

  29. love love love the video. love the tree. love you and your husband! so great!

  30. you guys are so freakin cool! great decorating ;)

  31. Amy

    Your tree looks great! You did a great job. Thanks for sharing!

  32. cheri

    Thanks for posting! I always look forward to your posts. When I’m married, I want to be like you two!

  33. Anonymous


    happy holidays.

  34. Lenae

    You guys are just too cool for words. This was so awesome!

  35. Peta

    You guys are the cutest! your blog makes me smile :) Happy holidays!!

  36. Meg

    me too! when I’m married I wanna be like you two. how do you all get so good at everything you do?

  37. kate.

    ah so cute! i love this!

  38. Naomi O my! I am so embarrassed. You must have some how figured out that I LOVE looking at your blog! I should have left you a comment millions of times but didn’t want you to think I was crazy. I love reading your blog though. There have always been 2 kinds of lifes I have wanted to live…mine-mom and yours-new york gal. So I guess I’ll live my other life through you. You know when you see someones blog and think…we should have been friends…well we should have been friends! make sense? thanks for breaking the ice and for letting me blog stalk.:)

  39. I think this is now on my list of things I have to watch before it’s really Christmas =)

  40. i wish i had your movie making skills. one day in my spare time ill give it a shot – in the meantime, i’ll just enjoy yours! happy holidays

  41. megan

    I couldn’t love you both more if I tried! I mean that in a non-creepy, never-met you but am in awe of your life kind of way.

  42. Krista

    this is the best christmas mini movie I’ve seen this month! you guys are great together. I’m so glad Nicole (lil sussy) introduced me to your blog!

  43. brilliant, you two.. and hilarious because being wrapped up all in lights is exactly in our shoot!

    a couple other things to pack for:

    (naomi, i prefer dresses, and skirts first, and pants last. :)

    all gray outfit. (accent of white an black acceptable.

    a really colorful outfit. colored tights? if you don’t have some i can get some.

    outdoor clothes for snowman and christmas tree shopping. mittens, scarfs, hats…

    something random and bohemian (background will be an old map)

    let me know what you don’t have and i’ll fill in the rest! excited to meet you naomi –and see you again, josh!

  44. Meg

    so lately I’ve been lacking inspiration in all forms, especially in the blogging realm. and after seeing this video (ohhh, sooo good) I feel like i should put up a big “under construction” sign on my site until I can make my blog an 1/8 of how good your’s is….this is all to say…i think i might start reading your blog from the very beginning all over again…to remember all the things that inspired me in the first place…

  45. So clever! Really cute.

  46. Hanna

    Haha…I’m loving it…

  47. Dad

    Incredible! We are looking to seeing you guys in a few days!

  48. what a team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. i LOVE this video you guys are so cute- i have to admit i’m a blog lurker you guys are just awesome.
    and i’m LDS too… :)

  50. odessa

    delurking to tell you how much i love this video! you guys rock! :)

  51. Katelyn

    You guys are THE cutest!

  52. Hermione

    So cute!!

  53. Sum

    This is the cutest thing I've seen. Awww…

  54. very cute couple… adorable xmas tree!

  55. Pippuri

    A lovely video!! I also really liked the music!

  56. Chessa!

    you two are so sweet. I loved this video. let's see if I can get my husband to make one with me this year:)