greatest snow on earth, they say.

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husband and i are currently in utah spending some time with our beautiful families. we’ll be here for another week and a half for a little pre holiday utah love. and we’re having so much fun…

husband taught me how to snowboard yesterday in park city. as i type this, there is pain running through my entire body and i currently limp. i’ll have to post the photos later today, right now i need the hot tub.

  1. M.

    Snowboarding is so much fun! But yes, you get really sore. Can’t wait to see all your fun family photos.

  2. can’t wait to hear about it :)

  3. Shug

    I’m supposed to “really” go my first time this year! I’ll see if that really does happen!

  4. Sierra

    I am just a Utahn that enjoys your blog from afar, but I hope you guys have a great vacation here! We are supposed to get a lot of snow this weekend so you better get working on those snowboarding muscles!

  5. shill

    i gave you an award dearest!!!

  6. Hanna

    much fun :)