colonial thanksgiving in williamsburg, va.

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we spent a lovely thanksgiving weekend with the davis family in williamsburg, virginia. we had a colonial thanksgiving day dinner in an old tavern restaurant, toured and shopped the old downtown, heard patrick henry speak, saw an old show at the playhouse, attended a candlelight organ concert in the old church and ate lots and lots of delicious food {and i maybe ate too many candied apples all weekend long– but nobody stopped me, so….} 
we had a wonderful time. and we have such wonderful family. we feel very blessed. 
{williamsburg reminded me lots of  our adventures at ft. bridger, but in a very different kind of way…}

{on the left in josh’s oldest brother, jim and wife rachel.}

hope you had a lovely thanksgiving!!!
we sure do have so much to be thankful for….
  1. Anonymous

    Awesome photos. Looks like a fun place to be this time of year. The Holiday wreaths are to die for.

  2. j.

    this place looks like it is straight out of a movie, no?!!

  3. Sarah

    How STUNNING!!! Your photos are always great. Glad to hear your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

  4. becca

    What is Josh doing behind those carriages? Hahah.

    Love that last photo of you two. Beautiful couple.

  5. Martha

    Well I think I just might take this opportunity to say hello and let you know that I just love to look at your blog!

    I LOVE Colonial Williamsburg! I went there for the first time the day after Thanksgiving 2006 with the Close Up group…so fun! And I just loved all your pictures and it brought back so many memories so I just thought I’d drop you a little note :)

  6. Megan

    Why are you guys always having such great fun?

    Nice post. Happy holidays!

  7. I agree, the wreaths are beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving to my lovely friends Josh and Naomi! We miss you.

  8. Emily

    looks like so much fun! i love how you and husband are always goofing around…there’s really nothing better than acting silly with the one you love!

  9. Martha

    Why your comment just made my day! Ha ha my padres, siblings and extended family haven’t quite figured out how to leave comments so they just don’t bother and I love it when I get a comment! So gracias!

    It is indeed lovely.

    Tangent: I love “period” films-period anything, really-but I loved walking around Williamsburg and feeling like I was in that time! And I just got the John Adams HBO mini-series DVD set for Christmas..ha ha I picked it out at Costco and now it’s wrapped up under my padres tree…and some of it was filmed at Colonial Williamsburg :)

    I am at Utah State…I’m a sophomore in the interior design program :)

    Hannah…what a beautiful name…I know a few Hannahs so I might…what is her last name? What is she studying?

  10. Rebecca

    You take such impeccable photos. I love your style.

  11. shill

    wow!!!beautiful thanksgiving you’ve had :)

  12. Liv

    those photos are so great! thanks for sharing them. and y’know, your whole life with the internet. that’s pretty neat too :)

  13. Anonymous

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  14. it does look like an excellent place. Add it to my ever-growing list of places on the east-coast to visit. You really do have a gift for capturing beauty, Naomi.

  15. shill

    Naomi dear, I did receive all your email. And I did send a few back, maybe it went to spam mail? Anyway, I would like you to email me your address please. In regards to what it is about, if you would ask darling meg to explain, she’s another lovely that is having what you’re going to have :D. Thank you

  16. shill

    In regards to your email, its not a problem at all dear!!! Will be sending through meg :D have a lovely holiday!!!

  17. ahh i know this was so long ago but i'm reading your posts from the beginning because i recently got into your blog. I went to William and Mary and it's just so funny to see you at all those spots that I know, and in such a random location. You should have snuck out at night and jumped the Governor's Palace wall. There is a maze inside the grounds that is a must-do at night!

  18. my husband and I love Williamsburg!! I was a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's wedding over the summer (July 2009)…the wedding was in Richmond, but we spent a day in Williamsburg and it was fabulous!! I think everyone should visit this town… :)