best present yet this season…

…getting to spend a beautiful evening with these old lovelies.
i LOVE that nyc is where everyone migrates back to for the holidays.
and i LOVE that i get to live here and take advantage of spending time with them while they’re here.
they’re also like….really talented.
i love my friends.

happy holidays!
  1. M.

    You and your friends are so beautiful.

    Happy holidays!

  2. Carolyn

    Family and friends (and, oh yeah, the best City on earth) are what the holidays are all about!!

  3. I second what M. Said..and plus you have rockstar hair! ;)

  4. Is really a great present! Getting with friends is always the best time! And you, like alwauys look so beautifull! Where do it get so many high waisted skirts I have some, but is always so difficult for me to find them! This one of yours is really great! Wheres is it from?

  5. Anonymous

    those glasses are amazing. you rock everything.

    glad you got to play with your friends. going to julliard sounds so cool!

  6. Sarah

    You’re cool.
    Your outfits rock my socks off.
    And yours friends are pretty!!!!

    WHO are they???

  7. Keri

    Really awesome outfit.

  8. gesiii

    naomi, you’re so adorable! the glasses look great on you and i love the red lipstick.

    by the way, i really enjoy your blog-
    you’re (by far) the cutest couple i’ve ever seen. everytime i read a new blog entry it makes me want to get married to my boyfriend :)

    happy holidays!
    gesine from germany

  9. Kera

    hi, stalker from utah here…i love your blog! I have been watching the three part documentary on the doc channel about the 2008 Julliard grads. i thought it was so interesting- especially after hearing some of your takes…did you know the class that they were filming? They all seemed so great. anyway, happy holidays.

  10. Meikel

    That video down there made my day!

  11. ummm….and gorgeous!

  12. Nigel

    i wish i was there :( i miss you all like crazy ;) sending soo soo much love, nigey