a little winter wonderland, baby.

nicole {a little sussy} asked to photograph husband and me while we’re here in utah. check out the first round of photos on her blog here.

{p.s. it was such a delight to finally meet the lovely and very talented nicole. we loved every freeeeezing minute of it. thanks, nicole!}

  1. Brett

    the pictures look amazing. so beautiful. love ya.

  2. Sarah


  3. You are so famous. And gorgeous. Everyone wants to photograph you, or dance with you, or meet you.

    How many times have you been spotted by stangers out west so far?


  4. Anonymous

    so cute! love the snow angels!!

  5. Cheryl

    I can’t believe how beautiful these images look! Can you post the bigger files? Nicole is so talented! You guys look fantastic!

  6. Karen

    Great shots. You guys are so cute.

  7. Brittany

    Can you guys be any cuter? I love it.

  8. Natalie*

    these are unbelievable.

    you look so incredible.

    i want to marry someone … and re create this shoot for my engagement photos.

    you are STUNNING!!!

  9. love the snow angels photo!!


  10. shill

    adorable!!!my dear naomi, the email as always doesnt work…just letting you know something is on its way dear :)

  11. the pictures are beutifull. Dreamy! Really! seriously, is there any couple cutter than you two?!?!

  12. Liv

    How fun!

  13. Micaela

    GORGEOUS!!! i can’t wait to see the rest :) I love the colors and the fun, captured beautifully!!! xo

  14. cheri

    Oh my…those are so cute! You guys are my favorite!

  15. kalen

    love the pics :) … how sweet of her to photograph you all <3

  16. i am jealous. the pictures are adorable.
    i’m soooo happy that you blow dried your hair!
    keep doing it and lets make it even cuter!

  17. Sarah

    Love love love everything about these photos! You two are so photogenic! Really amazing.

  18. Anonymous

    love the pics!

    where did you get your coat?

  19. I LOVE them!! You two really are Rockstars! Very fun- looks like you guys are having so much fun being home… see you soon!

  20. yay! thanks again and again.. if you want to steal some of the new, bigger shots, feel free. hope you have a merry christmas!

  21. Anonymous

    you are beautiful!

  22. wow! those are amazing! and you are such a natural in front of the camera. i love your yellow coat by the way.
    hope all is well!


  23. becca

    these are so great. glad you got to use your animal hats.

  24. becca

    I love that kissing photo on the left!

  25. Jenna

    You redefine the term “adorable”.