1. Lenae

    amazing pictures!

  2. super fun! i love the one with the clocks. you could TOTALLY be a model. like, Tyra approved :)

  3. how could she NOT? you are beautiful! (and your hubby is a cutie, too!) :)

  4. Jenna

    She is definitely one of my favorite photographers. Do you know her? How were you lucky enough to shoot with her? I love conceptual shots like this. Also, thank you for helping me prove to husband that not just hookers wear red lipstick.

  5. Sheri

    Wow those were great shots. You looked like you were having fun. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.


  6. Shug

    those shots are literally like magazine photos!! I think they look fantastic! I love the first 3 especially and the last one!

  7. naomi i can’t get over the studio shots!! those are unreal.

    aw you guys look fantastic

  8. Micaela

    You guys ARE Rockstars!!! ;) xo

  9. You need no help looking decent. You look fab day and night! She is so talented at capturing personality, color, and even making snow look fun!

  10. Wow, those pictures seriously look like an ad for something! You should send them to Gap to see if they’ll hire you and hubby.

  11. these pics are unreal! how fabulous!

  12. n i c k

    guys these pictures are great – so sorry we weren’t able to connect last weekend. turns out snow was worse than we’d thought – better safe than sorry, but we’re still sad we missed you!

    merry christmas

  13. jenna

    This looks like it was so so so much fun to do!! And you look stunning!

  14. Wow! I saw the first pic and was like “oh I love it” and then moved on to the next one and said the same thing.

  15. cheri

    I love the one wrapped up in lights! All are fabulous.

  16. Mandi

    The pictures turned out phenomenally! They look like they could be stock photography.

  17. stunning photos.
    where are those fabulous black boots from?

  18. Brett

    Amazing. I love love love…. miss you so much.

  19. Carolyn

    you two are SO CUTE I cannot even stand it!
    Love the clock picture.
    Love your purple tights.
    Love Love LOVE the “falling” picture…your hubby is too cool.

    Merry Christmas!

  20. Martha

    Yeah! They turned out SO GREAT! You look SO BEAUTIFUL :)

  21. shill

    my gosh!!!they are all truly magnificent!!! you on a sleigh, adorable :)

  22. sheila

    need to tell you something…

    you guys are RAD!

  23. becca


    Nicole’s work is fabulous, but you two seriously need to model. LOVE IT!

  24. M.


  25. sunny

    These pictures are great. Really, really great. Have a very, merry Christmas in the city.

  26. love all the photos. they are stunning! the snow angels are my favorite!

  27. Nigel

    ummmm… the picture of “taza” with the clocks is incredible!!!!!!!!! wow naomi you are just so stunning!

  28. Anonymous

    superb! i am in love with this shoot!